Hype for House of Wolves

IGN: "This week we were lucky enough to have King Gothalion join Destin Legarie and Fran Mirabella to talk about the huge Reef reveal from Bungie for the House of Wolves. How excited are they? Listen or watch to find out."

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MrCherry1030d ago

Game sucks, had hi hope for it but that game whent down faster thin a shot at springbreak.

brokenbracket1029d ago

Yeah, did it? Is that why millions of people still play it? It's obviously a horrible game, which is exactly why I'm on my third play through.

I guess that's when you know it's a horrible game, when millions of people are still playing it and enjoying it.

MrCherry1029d ago

It sucks not my fault if gamers are blind to greed.