Metal Gear Solid 5 and Republique Casting Director Confirms Voice Actor Studio Link

Kris Zimmerman, video game casting and voice director, confirms David Hayter and previous Metal Gear Solid talent were in the same recording facility as the MGS5 team while recording Republique voiceovers.

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DarkOcelet846d ago

Info left and right pretty much confirm that David Hayter is in MGSV. Way too many coincidences.

Xman2K846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

Camouflaj, how tricky, played us like a fiddle. Kojima behind Republique the whole time Also the hospital website with the caution of hospital furniture on wheels not for support.

thabtoUK845d ago

Do you have a link for this? Can't find it anywhere :-(

thabtoUK845d ago

How did someone find this? And thanks for the link ;-)

Xman2K845d ago

Don't know, I looked everywhere after I heard about it

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Peace_Love_and_FPS846d ago

Anyone else think he vaguely resembles Julian from TPB?

ZeroX9876846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

That's actually why I clicked on the article :)
replace the bottle by a glass of rum...

Whitefox789846d ago

Replace rum with whiskey, Hayter is a whiskey man :D

You guys also forgot another thing they have in common they are both Canadian.

Ozmoses846d ago (Edited 846d ago )

He couldn't pull off Julian... nowhere near big enough... or suave enough

he seems like he would be more of a Randy in my opinion... just shave his head and let him be a "cry baby"

Freddy_Millz1845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

Daaaamn, now that u said it. Look at him, sitting there SCHEMING!!!
Cant wait to see were Ricky and Bubs fits in the game now. Lahey's gonna bring a sh*t blizzard down on that beautiful sob.

PhoenixUp846d ago

Probably as flash forward scenes to Solid Snake. Probably some DLC character skin in MGO

the_dark_one846d ago

nah, i can believe that hes going to have a very important role in the game

PhoenixUp845d ago

How funny would it be if Big Boss momentarily had the Hayter voice just for laughs

juaburg91846d ago

Half Life 3 confirmedddd!

zidane1341846d ago

How unique, and new you are. That's soooooooooooooo funny. Cuz this has nothing to do with half life yet you confirmed it. HAR HAR HAR

Servbot41846d ago

I hope that the last half of the game is actually a remake of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake with Hayter doing Solid's voice. God damn that would be glorious.

Nitrowolf2846d ago

Agreed, though I wouldn't want it that large portion, more like leading into it. That's my ideal ending for this game

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