Chris Donlan on: Closed doors - What do Bloodborne, Mario and Dishonored have in common?

There is a book at the bottom of the ocean. A book that Mario will never get to read. He can stare at the book through the cracks in a door, but he will forever be unable to reach it. He can do so much, Super Mario, but access to this particular book is beyond him.

It's maddening! It's also thrilling. And it's also Noki Bay's red coin hunt in Super Mario Sunshine. This is a game that is better than most people recall, I suspect - although the real problem is that most people don't recall it very often in the first place. Whenever I think of Mario Sunshine, I don't think of FLUDD, or even the fact, once pointed out in an Edge Time Extend, that Mario genuinely does a spot of plumbing on this outing. I think of the book, resting behind a closed door at the bottom of a deep ocean that is itself stuck inside a bottle. Twice trapped, never to be freed. Quite a fate.

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