Paid mods: Amazing Idea on Paper, Terrible in Application

ASidCast: "When I first heard about Steam supporting paid mods, I was kind of optimistic, however it’s becoming more and more obvious as each minute passes on how this can be a terrible trend developing in the industry that is just not required. Like quite a few ideas, paid mods seem really great on paper and everyone wants to support their favourite Modders and mods, I know I do, but in application this entire theory falls flat on its face because of various reasons. In this article for the most part I’ll be writing down the several cons of paid mods and why we are generally better off without them and why Valve should seriously rethink it’s policies on regards to paid mods."

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Forbidden_Darkness1126d ago

I think the biggest fault in this whole situation is the fact that Valve and Bethesda believe they are entitled to 75% of the profits made on mods. Not only does it devalue the mod makers, but it just goes to show how huge corporations try to nickle and dime every part of their product. Eventually, this and the many other things game companies have been pulling off recently WILL cause the gaming industry to collapse.

I think it's time for gamers to take a step back and realize what kind of companies we are supporting in the long run.

0nespark1126d ago

agreed completely. I understand valve and bethasda perhaps taking 20% or even going as far as 40% of the revenue. But that's honestly as far as I would go, 40%. Since Steam isn't doing /anything/ more than providing the platform and bethasda will not be doing anything at all whatsoever for future modders, atleast nothing that can actually justify them taking that big chunk of the revenue out of modders.

It's crazy to think that there were modders in the beginning who actually agreed to giving away 75% of their revenue, it's honestly easier to ask for donations and give your mod for free, you'll reach a bigger audience and probably get all the money you get via donations without steam or bethasda taking such a huge chunk out of it, and hence, probably be earning much more.