Five Essential Features for Black Ops 3

Eldon from Denkiphile: "As someone who contributes to the death of the video game industry by purchasing annual first-person shooter releases, I was pretty excited to see the announcement trailer for Black Ops 3. Treyarch has released the most quality Call of Duty games ever since the dissolution of Infinity Ward, and I’ve always felt they’ve made solid campaigns, especially in Black Ops and Black Ops 2. The following are five features that I’m hoping will make it into Black Ops 3."

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WhiteGamerInc905d ago

I like every point except 4. Scorestreaks should be on the objective based game modes loke search and destroy. Team deathmatch and modes like that should have kill streaks.

venom06905d ago

stopped reading after this sentence, "One of the positive “new” features of Advanced Warfare was the jetpacks/exosuits in multiplayer" Nothing to see here, move on.

MetroidFREAK21905d ago

The Exo Suits were a great addition, and actually made gun fights and engagements more interesting. I enjoyed the new movement system. But if you didn't, I understand why