One Million Wiis Worldwide

The Wii is less than three weeks old, but it's already reached a major sales landmark. Kyodo News reports that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, during a speech given in Tokyo on the 7th, revealed that the system has crossed the one million mark in worldwide sales.

America accounted for more than 50% of the sales, the news service reports. In the eight days following the 11/19 launch, Nintendo managed to sell 600,000 systems in the American market. In Japan, Nintendo sold 400,000 systems on the 12/2 launch day.

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Tut4367d ago

Go, Wii! Go!

I <3 mine! =)

jerseynets044367d ago

NINTENDOS GANNA STOMP M$ SALES! im ganna say in one year nintendo will have sold 10.5 million systems. expect a HUGE sale hike when Super Smash Brothers Brawl is released

wulfgar884367d ago

when the new mario and smash bros is released this system is gonna sell through the and see.

DEIx15x84367d ago

So when do we get the colors we were shown from the day the Wii was announced? The shiny case makes having colors look much cooler than white. The 360's plastic looks best in white because of the texture, the PS3's plastic looks best in silver and the Wii seems look best in odd colors like yellow, red and hopefully a blue.

quantae064351d ago

Go head keep the money rolling in Nintendo!!!!