The Difficulty In Reviewing The Witcher 3

When one sits down to review The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there are about a gajillion considerations to make. How do you turn that mess into a good review?

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ArchangelMike1092d ago

Here let me help you:

Gameplay - 10/10
Graphics - 10/10
Sound - 10/10
Replayability - 10/10
Story - 10/10

Overall - 10/10

UKmilitia1092d ago

only thing i a little worried about is the combat,im hoping its similar to bloodborne.

is it confirmed it there lock on.

Justjoined1231092d ago

The combat in Witcher 2 was great, and considering they are improving on that i wouldnt worry at all.

Bansai1092d ago

yes, there is a lock on, it can even be seen, the lock on marker is not on the body [thank goodness] but on the left of the health bar:

UKmilitia1092d ago

good stuff,not sure why i have disagrees for stating a person thing,some right idiots on this site

Twignberries1092d ago

I'm pretty tired of hearing this Bloodborne combat comparison. Leave weightless, arcady combat out of the Witcher series please.

kraenk121091d ago

I actually read that there actually does feel a bit similar to Bloodborn/the Souls games.

Wescyde1091d ago

Why would you want the combat to be similiar to blood borne, IMO they are completely different games, what works so well in the confines of BB may not translate so well in a game like Witcher

freshslicepizza1091d ago

i'd like reviews to break things down instead of an overall score. how fun is the combat, how good is the story, how much backtracking and grinding is there, how are the controls, how is the performance, how much value and length does the game have.

sure it's more difficult to review a game that is this massive but there is no problem for me of early reviews that give some information on those things. as long as they disclose that and say they plan on doing a full review later. i think a lot of games deserve second/later reviews because quite often they fix things and improve the game and maybe add content.

elninels1091d ago

Yeah I'm not worried at all. This is going to be a day one for me. Reviews won't matter at all. Honestly it was day one from the moment it was announced.

Str8Chaos741091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

^THIS. One game I have no worries about. All ready pre-ordered the game and the expansion pass. There will be a ton of quality content, great graphics, great story, free DLC, no DRM on PC, great support. Probably will be one of the best games of the year, if not the best. This company actually cares about quality and their fans.

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Forbidden_Darkness1092d ago

Rates a game he has not played enough of or at all, gives it a 10 out of 10. Gamer logic.

Forbidden_Darkness1092d ago

Gets dislikes for being logical. Gamer logic.

OB1Biker1091d ago

It obviously was not meant literally and I actually like the way it derides review scores which are useless IMO

remixx1161091d ago

Takes a joke to literally, depressed gamer logic.

OB1Biker1091d ago

thats a bit too much but I kinda agree I dont get why a great game would be so 'hard' to review.

'How do you turn that mess into a good review?'
wtf? Not surprised though most reviews are more focused on the reviewers 'feelings' than the game per se and thats why they have become irrelevant IMO (we all know this game is going to be great seriously and if any doubt whether the game suits our play style just need to check out streams or you tube)

Glymner1092d ago

Use the 5 star system where 5 is not perfect but a must buy?

Forbidden_Darkness1092d ago

Or just not use a rating system at all and write a review that speaks for itself?

Glymner1092d ago

Either would speak for (the reviewer opinion) itself. But I guess it all comes down to how many 10000 word reviews one is willing to read to form ones own opinion instead of buying the game.

EazyC1091d ago

*gasp* and actually have to put in the requisite 3 minutes or so to glance over....TEXT?! Never! Give me my arbitrary number at the end of the page!

OB1Biker1091d ago

A short summary at the end is perfect to recommend a game or not. But still I feel reviewers should be very open minded and review a game mainly for its own merits instead of mainly how they personally enjoy it (or not) given that a lot of people are different and enjoy different play styles.

kraenk121091d ago

A professional review should try to be objective...a quality more and more wannabe reviewers today seem to forget.

Clown_Syndr0me1091d ago

Can't wait for this.
Considering digging out the 360 later and trying Witcher 2 again. I only got a few hours in, and then got distracted. I wouldn't have time to beat it before The Witcher 3 though so probably no point. I only have a couple of hours a day to play and I'm also playing Bloodborne, Driveclub and Hardline at the moment.
How long is The Witcher 2?

Gozda1091d ago

20-25h, but multiple endings

HammadTheBeast1090d ago

I recall hearing it's around 40 hrs for the main story without the multiple endings.

T2X1091d ago

Actually, it won't be that hard. I used to be a fan of PSxextreme. But as time rolled by I realized that the guy writing a lot of these op ed pieces is kind of a tool. And on that website the only people who chime in are his small, select group of cronies who really do nothing other than pat each other on the back over every comment and attack others who disagree. And as far as the review for the game, didn't they review Skyrim? Oh yeah, that's right they did. Difficulty problem solved.

fathoms1091d ago

Actually, what ends up happening is that there are frequent disagreements and the only difference is that they're civil; nobody ever attacks anyone, unless they only exist to sling personal attacks. And if they are, they get booted out and, unsurprisingly, end up in sh**holes like this.

T2X1091d ago

Well, considering this "sh**hole" is simply an amalgamation of all other sites, your comment is a bit misguided. But I get your insinuation that I have been kicked out of that sight and you can check, I haven't. My observation of that site stands. It's OK if you enjoy it though, It's just not for everyone. I take it, you're one of the group I mentioned. LOL.