E3 2008 a Total Failure?

Gone are the days of E3 and it's huge gaming booths with booth babes and games for all to play. Instead now it is an industry-closed event that gamers only get to listen to via chats, videos and live blogs.

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taz80803776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

E3 was quite a dissapointment all around no real ground breaking announcements were made. Each of the big 3 came up pretty lame. I grade it as a failure form the perspective that E3 was supposed to focus on games and it didn't do that IMO.

drunkpandas3776d ago

I don't if I'd say a total failure, but there were no big reveals to make the crowds go ooh and ahh. I think everyone was expecting something like that, but there was nothing there to get extremely excited about that wasn't already known.

Monchichi0253776d ago

Umm, I think that the FFXIII was a pretty HUGE reveal. I mean it had the whole gaming community Buzzing hardcore for two days! How much bigger then that could it have been? It was a straight sucker punch to Sony that they were unable to recover from the following day. Just that move alone gave the show to MS by default. (All polls all over the web agree with that, so if your gonna disagree please provide proof to back it up.)

But in general, it was quite dissappointing because we were expecting SOOO MUCH MORE!

taz80803776d ago

FFXIII was a giant reveal but it was a revela of a game we had seen already. The news was that Sony was getting screwed, still big news though. But htere wasnt really one game that people were like OH MY GOD! MAG and God of War were possibly the closest things, MAG was all CGI and God of War was just a teaser. Gears 2 was nice but we had already heard about it so it wasnt jaw dropping.

chanto233776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

if you are a fan boy, of course that announcement was huge, if you are a gamer, that announcement meant nothing, had SE shown gameplay videos or a live demo then that would have been huge...E3 WAS a failure cause we didn't see anything amazing that we didn't know before, like Gears 2 looking amazing, Resistance looking amazing too and Resident Evil looking great...after that zzzz zzz zz zzz zzz B O R I N G!!!!!!!

EDIT: Thinking about it a little bit more, the conferences where a failure but the games shown and demos where great, Gears 2, Resistance 2, InFamous, Mercenaries, Force Unleashed, NBA Live 2009, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Resident Evil, Dead Space...i mean there are a LOT of great games coming out, and they showed a lot of great live demos from these titles on E3, actually all the live feed from the games was far more interesting that the conferences...

JBaby3433776d ago

It's not going to be the way it used to be. It has changed and is how it is now. Losing the Booth Babes was the officially the end.

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taz80803776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

The conference realy didnt showcase games, I think it focused more on look at our numbers and what we have done.

Press conferences for me were like this:
MS > Nintendo > Sony

drunkpandas3776d ago

I'd agree with that. Even without the FF13 announcement, I think MS had the best of the Big 3.

ash_divine3776d ago

other then the FFXIII announcment how was microsoft's the best?
they showcased multiplatform games, and didn't announce one REAL exclusive(the sing-star wannabe doesn't count). it was just a bunch of loaded statments about how the 360 would "eventually" outsell the ps3.

and I can so see how NINty's conference was better thatn Sony's. caused I'd buy animal crossing and WiiMusic over God of War anyday./end sarcasm.

Sony did their presentation with class, made a bunch of announcements, actually showed some new exclusive games, showcased games for 09, had the most games, and topped it off with one of their biggest franchises.

Pain3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Aside from Sony Showing Games, M$ showing they Copied again ,Nintendo being meh~

M$ buying games,Netflix/PSN Movies aree not really worth the news from a GAMES CONVENTION so yea SONY>>>M$/*N

Thats how it went believe it or not.

ape0073776d ago

yes,overall e3 was so disappointing

ps3,I was expecting team ICO secret project and other secret sony games

ms,I was expecting alan wake,bioshock2 qnd splinter cell:convection

nintedo,worst press conference ever,I was expecting new starfox wii,new zelda game or that new RETRO STUDIOS project

sony was very good

ms was decent

nintendo was a total failure

taz80803776d ago

Nintendo really elt us down. No punchout, no zelda, no metroid, shoot not even a mario title?!

PS3 I felt was weak because tehir announcements were just so slow and many of them we new abot already, also the lack of killzone was surprising.

MS I liked the avatr and dashboard info as well as the final bombshella bout FFXIII, they droped that news and then ran. lol

Vojkan3776d ago

I like it so far. been watching Game spot E3 live coverage in last two days, and there were ton of awesome games. today is last day and they will have Soccom and halo Wars among others, cant wait to check those two.

Word2BigBird3776d ago

E3 was good overall.
Fanboyism aside Sony had the better conference, followed by Microsoft. Nintendo is simply horrible.

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