Fable Legends: Watch 13 Minutes Of New Closed Beta Gameplay

Check out the new villain introduction closed beta multiplayer footage of Fable Legends from Lionhead Studios and Microsoft.

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Bigpappy1062d ago

The villain role is great for strategy buffs. I think I am going to like this game being pretty is nice but not a reason I buy my games. I fully enjoy Neverwinter. That game look last gen, but I love it. It also has a huge number of people playing it on X1.

freshslicepizza1062d ago

it actually looks a lot better than i expected but that's probably because i enjoy pc gaming and this looks like it is better on the pc.

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jdaboss1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

I swear to god the only reason why these scumbag videogame companies are force feeding multiplayer only games to console owners is because they can milk DLC to full extent without the stigma of it being a "free to play" game. Multiplayer only = bargain price pickup for me.

Kingdomcome2471062d ago

You're in luck. You can pick this game up for the low price of free.

gamer78041062d ago

Also in luck, it has a size able single player campaign also.

spicelicka1062d ago

Well it's totally justifiable if its friggin FREE! Also it has a single player, and cross platform play. Evolve on the other hand....

mhunterjr1062d ago

I don't think your theory applies considering this game IS free to play...

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TheNemesis5011062d ago

after watching I fail to see any fable here, they should of called it somthing else. fable 2 was the highlight if the series, this game is no fable.

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