GameSpot E3 2008: Saints Row 2 Hands-On Update

GameSpot writes: "Earlier today, while meeting with members of the Volition development team working on Saints Row 2, we were invited to play through the same prologue mission that we checked out last week. Nothing exciting about that, you might think, but this time we were playing in co-op mode, we took a very different route through the prison escape, and we talked about some other features while we played. Some of you might consider this new info to be a spoiler of sorts, so consider yourself warned.

Unsurprisingly, playing through the prison escape mission in co-op mode seemed a lot easier than in our previous single-player experience. There didn't appear to be any additional enemies thrown into the mix to account for the presence of a second player, and it probably didn't hurt that we were playing alongside someone intimately familiar with the game either. We opted to skip the tutorial on this occasion, so we weren't being nudged in any particular direction as we escaped the prison and were free to explore."

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Jamie Foxx3773d ago

shame sales and scores wont match up to gta4

still none of these types of games have yet to match vice city and san andreas, dvd9 ftw lol

ape0073773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I totally agree man,

gta 4,so dull,disappointing and boring

saints row 2 looks like a real winner

saints row 2 looks good,but no way it toutch vice city or san andreas