Giving life to 15th-century Bohemia in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Daniel watched from a vantage point that might afford him both the pleasure of detail and a grand perspective on the unfolding brutality.

It didn't matter to him who won the battle, who fell and who survived. He just wanted to see the minutiae of combat.

Lines of warriors stretched across the rolling, summer meadow. Dressed in sun-glinted armor, men prepared their pikes, swords, shields and firearms for the fight to come.

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ArchangelMike1180d ago

I've been keeping my on this game for a while now. It looks interesting, but I'm afraid that The Witcher 3 is going to spoil us for RPGs and will set a new benchmank in terms of a dynamic living world. From what I've seen of kingdom come, it still looks very sparse and uninhabited. I hope I'm wrong though, expecially when the publisher is talking up massive NPC battles.