Tropico 5 PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer Released

Kalypso Media today released its launch trailer for Tropico 5 for PlayStation 4. Prepare to build, develop and govern the island of Tropico once again.

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DawginTow1846d ago

I'm seriously considering getting this. Any1 know how improved it is over the ps3/360 version?

& for that matter, just how improved/different is Tropico 5 from Tropico 3? (cuz I've played that 1)

mkis007846d ago

If the last you played was 3 and not 4 then go ahead and get it. Many improvements.

DawginTow1846d ago

Thx man! Yeah, missed 4, so I think I'll go ahead & get 5 :)

SoapShoes846d ago

I've never played one but after the abomination of the new simcity I'm going to get this.

S2Killinit846d ago

so you are building Cuba. I wonder if in the game you can make amends with the U.S. and give a boost to your economy. (;

TheColbertinator846d ago

You can easily do that. Please the capitalists,allow US to make bases and make democratic reforms and Uncle Sam is your best friend.

S2Killinit846d ago

Ahahaha so its not far from current events.

TheColbertinator846d ago

Great series. Truly a spectacle when you reach the modern era