GamesBeat: Xenoblade Chronicles X is wondrous — but not for the timid (preview)

Xenoblade X’s open world is unbelievably big. And so are a number of its threats.

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ColManischewitz1179d ago

This feels like a great game to spend an evening wandering around while sipping a beer or a cognac.

3-4-51179d ago

* So far, Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS is bigger than most console games I've ever played.

* And XCX is supposed to be at least 5x as big.

Magicite1178d ago

Its not about size, but amount of things to do.
For example GTA5 has rather large map and its incredibly well populated with events and collectibles, while watch dogs city feels rather empty.

darkronin2291179d ago

I'm all for more open-world RPGs. Now I just need to get a Wii U...

gangsta_red1179d ago

Exactly, this looks like the next big JRPG.

midnightambler1179d ago

Sounds epic. Not sure I have the time needed to play it, but it sounds epic.

Gemmol1179d ago

beautiful article to get me pumped, never played a Xenoblade game, but I am loving everything I see, hear and read.

wonderfulmonkeyman1179d ago

From the article:

"To give some idea of how big it is, I spent a couple of hours wandering around just the corner of a map, exploring, fighting monsters, and sightseeing.
Just what I saw during that time alone seemed gigantic compared to other recent role-playing releases.

While playing, I noticed that Wii U controller’s screen showed a 7 percent value listed just below a world map.
When I asked if that number represented the amount of the game’s world I’ve seen, a Nintendo representative grinned and said that I had only walked about 7 percent of one of the world’s five continents.

My jaw dropped."

So basically it's got almost the size of some MMO worlds, with a big amount of the online multiplayer perks.
I think my jaw's gonna leave a dent in my game pad.XD

It might not out-size FFXV, but it's gonna be more than big enough to satisfy, looks like.

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