The Great Things Shooters Used to Do That Have Fallen Out of Fashion

Gamesradar: "Summarising how much shooters have changed since the first time somebody fired a gun in a game is impossible. There are too many variations, whether you’re talking about the smelly machismo of a series like Duke Nukem, or the agonising firework displays of a ‘bullet hell’ arcade game. Instead, we’ve spoken to a number of the industry’s leading developers about their favourite shooter features from times gone by. Suffice to say that the genre’s history doesn’t begin with the launch of Call of Duty 4."

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Xristo1121d ago

I agree. Nothing has ever matched Soldier of Fortune 2 in this department.

"The series' focal point, graphic depiction of human bodily dismemberment, makes another appearance in Soldier of Fortune II. GHOUL 2.0, as the new engine was called, features 36 gore zones, allowing for increasingly detailed depictions of gore and carnage."

-pulled from the wiki.

micx1121d ago

Have you seen Killing Floor 2?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1121d ago

I loved being able to play Multiplayer and being able to control all of the Stats and the AI of the characters, while having unlimited lives.

kraenk121120d ago

I much prefer health packs/healing stations to auto healing. Please bring it back!

TeamLeaptrade1120d ago

I agree. It's so much more challenging having to find health packs/healing items. Especially if you do it in an online game.

Bathyj1120d ago (Edited 1120d ago )

I miss having more than two guns. Yeah it might have worked in halo, but a shooter is better for me when you have options. It was such a dumb trend for every shooter to follow. You don't know what's coming up in a game you've never played. If you get to an area where you need a snipers rifle and an assault rifle and you only have an RPG and a pistol you're screwed.

Let me carry every gun I find, unless it's a strategic shooter like rainbow 6 and you know the mission specs and get to plan a little before hand.

At the very least you should have two rifles on your back, one in your hands and a side arm or even two. That gives plenty of variety and you can change your play style up on the fly.

But even better unless it really wouldn't suit the tone of the game, bring back the weapon wheel.

Spotie1120d ago

Borderlands still allows that, at least.

Bass_fisherman1120d ago

Unreal Tournament 4 we need it for PS4.