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Chris0921128d ago

I doubt they would add Shovel Knight since they released it less than a week ago for Playstation.

Iceball20001128d ago

Could be a 25-50% off discount

HeavenlySnipes1128d ago

That would enrage so many people who bought it recently

Silly gameAr1128d ago

You could already get a 10% discount for Shovel Knight on launch day, so I doubt to many people would be irked about it.

bouzebbal1128d ago

people will finally try Knack and realize what they are missing.
it's a game that teleports you to the late 90's.

Ozmoses1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

that wouldn't make any sense since it is still available for PS+ members at 10% off..

@sillygamer - It wasn't just on launch day it's still available for 10% off to PS+ members until April 27th.. This coming Tuesday.

Shovel Knight released on Tuesday April 21st.. literally 3 days ago...

it's not going to be in the IGC for May... no way at all.

AngryTypingGuy1127d ago

I'd like to see Killzone: Shadow Fall or Infamous: Second Son be offered.

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Nitrowolf21128d ago

i held off on shovel knight thinking it would hit Plus eventually (i'm tight on money), but yea I highly doubt this seeing that it just got released. It would be utter bs to those who bought it

bloop1127d ago

Shovel Knight on PS+??? Das is de bullshitting!!!!

RosweeSon1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Been out for months on Wii u and 3DS so wouldn't be that crazy a deal apart from the fact it's a great game but hey Resogun was free on day one and I'm pretty certain other games have launched on day one on ps+ for free, not many sure but can't think what it was off top of my head now.
Besides its only for 1 month.
.. Think outlast is the other game I'm thinking of that was free on day one thanks to plus. Luckily I didn't have that so of course grabbed it, if shovel knight is free I'll have a copy if not already got it on 3ds and wii u cross but so I would be passing.

admiralvic1128d ago

"Been out for months on Wii u and 3DS so wouldn't be that crazy a deal apart from the fact it's a great game"

While I assume you're trolling by saying it's crazy that Plus would get a "great game," it is absolutely absurd to believe Sony would offer Shovel Knight. Not only did they hype it nearly two months ago as part of the Spring Fever sale, it would be going from a 10% discount with plus to free within 2 weeks. This would be a terrible business move and impossible to fathom Sony doing this again after they got a bunch of backlash the last time something similar happened.

"hey Resogun was free on day one"

Huge difference between day 1 free and hyped for two months as a game that would get a 10% discount with plus and then goes free in 2 weeks.

"not many sure but can't think what it was off top of my head now."

There were actually a lot of day 1 freebies.

The Simpsons (I believe), Don't Starve, Dead Nation (PS4), Tower of Guns, Woah Dave, Monster Bag (I believe), Contrast, Aaru's Awakening, Apotheon, Kick and Fennic (I believe), PJ Shooter Ultimate, Pix the Cat (I believe), Swapper (I believe), Proteus (I believe), Velocity 2x, Awesomenauts, Metrico, The Binding of Isaac, Double Dragon Neon, Secret Ponchos, Road Not Taken, Mercenary Kings, Outlast, and probably more I am forgetting about/didn't realize were day 1 titles because of a lack of interest. Still, roughly 24 (including Resogun) is a lot, especially since most of these were PS4 titles and released in the last year.

"Besides its only for 1 month."

Doesn't really matter. A lot of people would be put off because they bought it assuming it won't be free in the foreseeable future.

uth111128d ago

They've done that before. Shovel Knight was my guess for next month already

SegaSaturn6691128d ago

I remember Fez on PS4 launched one month, I purchased it, then it was a ps+ title the following month. I think it's doubtful, but still possible. The spring fever games are really neat. I hope we get one.

snarls20001128d ago

march 25th 2014 for fez release on PS systems, August for its PS + add

Orionsangel1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Keep in mind that no matter what there's a difference between purchasing a game you get to keep forever vs ps plus which is basically a rent service. Sony sees it as renting the game out. They see what you did as a full purchase of the game. So they don't see as effecting a buyer. They see it as you decided to keep the game forever. These other guys get it on the rent service as long as they continue to pay.

spacedelete1127d ago

its not like they haven't done this before. i remember buying Tomb Raider DE on PS4 and one month later it was a free game for PS3 on PS Plus. tbh most of Shovel Knights sales will be in its first week. if your silly enough to buy indies on PS4 you deserve everything you get as indies are guaranteed to be free on Plus sooner or later.

as for the games finally something interesting for PS4. i'll be happy with Rayman Legends alone. i'll be happy with Knack as well to see if its really as bad as people say it is.

life281127d ago

Many games included in PS Plus for free was released right at the same day, as PS Plus games were available for that month. For example OliOli 2 or Tower of Guns.

GordonKnight1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Everyone should purchase Shovel Knight. I loved that game on Wii U.

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ninsigma1128d ago

I would recommend knack to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. I thought it was a very good game so I'm hoping this is true for those interested but didn't want to buy it.

UKmilitia1128d ago

i loved playing knack with my lad.
i hope there is a sequel but got a feeling it might end up another kameo

ninsigma1128d ago

Same (not with my lad...I don't have one xD)!

It felt nice to have an easy to look at game with an interesting story and fun gameplay. Nice to have a bit of platforming back.

I would like a sequel. There's loads to do with it. Be such a waist of an IP to end it after one.

kraenk121127d ago

I really enjoyed the game. One of those times I started doubting reviewer's opinions lately. Great and simple but challenging game for the whole family.

ninsigma1127d ago

Just shows that anything that is touted as a AAA game but goes against the norm gets lambasted by reviewers.

Travis37081128d ago

I doubt Knack would be there. So I'm hoping it's something else! but the rest can stay.

Agent_00_Revan1128d ago

It's the most logical 'main' ps4 title that's not indie to hit ps+.

I figured it would either be that or Killzone.

Relientk771128d ago

Hopefully Rayman Legends is there, been wanting to get that 1

Fez1127d ago

I would go out and by that if it's not on PS+ this month (do Ubi games typically end up on Plus?).

It's a great game for a good price.

scark921127d ago

Valiant Hearts currently and I have played a few Ubisoft PS plus games on PS3 with Plus such as Assassins Creed 3!

Scatpants1128d ago

I bought Shovel Knight so I will be kind of pissed if they make it free right afterwards.

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