Here's What To Expect From Square Enix's E3 Conference

A look at what fans can expect from Square Enix at E3 this year.

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Transistor1035d ago

A huge presence from Eidos and a bunch of PS4 games from what I've heard.

vishmarx1035d ago

ff xv is almost guaranteed to be there

never4get1035d ago

Hope SquareEnix Improved their Multi-platforming capabilities eg. Valkyria Profile for Android,IOS,3DS,Vita,PS4,XB1.

3-4-51034d ago

Dragon Quest 11 ?

Dragon Quest 7 3DS ?

FF Explorers ?

HeartlessGamer1035d ago

I know they have PS4 games to talk about hope they show them

98xpresent1035d ago

Maybe they can bring back that xeno game.

spacedelete1035d ago

Tomb Raider 2
New Hitman game
Final Fantasy 12 remaster
Dues Ex MD

RJ920091035d ago

Yes I want a ff12 remaster sadly a ex of mine threw away my memory card with my save of it. It sucked so bad I was so far it's the only ff I have yet to beat other then the God awful ff13 blah last gen left a very bad taste in my mouth along with residence evil 5 and 6.

Plagasx1035d ago

Enough with the remasters.

Relientk771035d ago

I wish they'd make a new Brave Fencer Musashi, or remaster of the 1st

Qrphe1035d ago

If I were to start making a list of games for SE to bring back I'd be here for a bit longer than I'm planning

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The story is too old to be commented.