Wii U - Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase

Grab some popcorn and the nearest giant mech. You can watch the video showcase all about Wii U RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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techrave911d ago

Where's my release date, Nintendo of America?

3-4-5911d ago

* This game seems to get almost all of the little/small details right.

That, in the end, is usually the reason I end up liking a game. It's the stuff I'm not always thinking about or the stuff that may be happening in the background or on the side that is most impressive.

* Beautiful game for the Wii U.

TripC50910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

The monsters just sit there or walk in scripted patterns. Give me a xenoblade game that has monsters that hunt you or fight/eat/prey on other animals instead of oh just walk around it or beat it when you are stronger. I'm sure that stegosaurus like thing drinking from that lake just sits and drinks from that lake for eternity. It's like hunting museum statues.

Anyway.. Ima buy it and love it like I did XC

darkstar18910d ago

Thats the ONLY problem i had with the video presentation.

But it was still great to see all the new game play it it look so amazing! FUCK i need this game now..

Lon3wolf911d ago

Can't wait it's looking real good.

RJ92009911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

So is this linked to the games on the ps2 with kos mos?

wonderfulmonkeyman911d ago

Not to their storylines, far as I know. It might have some undertones, but far as I know there's no direct storyline relation between Blade and Gears.
Treat this as a new IP from the same creators.

Concertoine911d ago

He's talking about xenosaga

Segata911d ago

Namco owns the rights to Saga so no. XCX is full of Xeno references tho from Gears to Saga to Blade.

Raider69911d ago

No,its a completly new story and arc!

_-EDMIX-_911d ago

I know right, probably because the graphics look like from the PS2 like how Xenosaga 1 - 3 looked, but i think that is on purpose that they've made it look like that (or they just can't make it look graphically better based on being on the Wii U)

leemass24910d ago

just LOL at you're comment, ps2 graphics then i guess to you skyrim was ps1 graphics then lol.

gameboy1910d ago

PS2 or PS3 couldn't handle half this game kid and i think you meant they went for the ps2 art style not graphics what a silly comment....

XenobladeX graphics are far and beyond anything out there on any platform the love care and attention that's been put into this game is beyond ridiculous and they have confirmed DLC wow...

_-EDMIX-_908d ago

I don't know guys, this looks like a Wii U game...

and no gameboy.....this the best looking RPG on any platform

I mean...or this

Xenoblade isn't even on that list bud. The deep, deep lolz. The game is 100% within the realm of feasibility and likely could have been done on PS3.

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Big_Game_Hunters911d ago

Anyone know where i can find the treehouse footage?

Big_Game_Hunters911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

Thanks!. Good to see different music for day and night is returnof course i never had doubts to begin with.

ZeekQuattro911d ago

Can't wait. The game just keeps getting better and better.

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