3 Questions We Still Have about Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion

We got a lot more information about Destiny's second expansion, House of Wolves, but we still have a couple of lingering unanswered questions.

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Provolone241154d ago

Here's my question: how in the world is anyone still playing this game? Crota for five months? Bungie is out of their minds. Sorry, but it's too little too late. I technically already payed for HoW and I'm still not even gonna play it because I just can't care anymore. And the fact that this expansion drops on the same day as The Witcher 3 is hilarious.

jdiggitty1154d ago

I still have people on my list who play it. Mostly people who picked it up later. They're certainly going to have a problem with the next batch of content they try and put out though. With Battlefront, RB6 and the Division I'm not going to even bother looking at Destiny this Fall

maybelovehate1154d ago

It honestly is kind of sad for Witcher 3. I know myself and many friends that will be putting off Witcher 3 until later in the summer so we can focus on House of Wolves. Not because I think House of Wolves will be better, but we are already invested in Destiny and want to keep up with each other.

Provolone241154d ago

You're putting off the most anticipated game of the year so you can play a few new missions and a new raid and continue to get screwed over by Xur? Lol to each their own, I suppose. Granted, The Witcher will likely end up being a victim of its own hype like so many before it, but at least you know you'll get potentially hundreds of hours out if it rather than hemorrhaged content that was supposed to be included in the game in the first place.

maybelovehate1154d ago

Not my most anticipated game for sure. I enjoyed Witcher 2 but it isn't anywhere close to my top RPG games. But the main reason I am putting it off, is that it isn't a game that I need to keep up with. There is no competition and I don't need to be a certain level to help others. Putting off single player games is easy for me, because why not. I have nothing to lose.

cr33ping_death1154d ago

Why do you worry about who plays this? People enjoy it so they still play. You dont, you supposedly moved on but still try and dissuade others from enjoying new content. Youll still play HOW I guarantee it. You may not invest much time into it but you will play it ;)

Spotie1154d ago

You SHOULD have unanswered questions.

Why do people think they should know everything about a game before it comes out? Where the hell is the fun in that?

EdMcGlone1154d ago

No one's complaining about the unanswered questions just stating a couple that we still have lol

Spotie1154d ago

Just making an observation. Now more than ever before, people want every single thing about a game known before it comes out. That's really driving me insane, as it's taking away all the discovery that you used to get from games.

That's kinda boring.

FamilyGuy1153d ago

The question about PS exclusive content is pretty valid. Is there any this time around? They mentioned it before-hand with the release and crotas end. Their silence this time makes me think that the exclusivity deal has run its course.