Nexus Mods Responds to Steam Charging for Mods

Nexus Mods gives their answer on what they think about Steam charging for Mods and how they'll handle it.

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eldingo909d ago

nexus is preparing for the coming shitstorm while valve has yet to make another move i wanna see where this is all headed guess i will have to wait for now.

Nio-Nai909d ago

Good point to stand on, So far it seems like the only people in a uproar over this are those who make no mods at all but simply want free things.

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iNFAMOUZ1909d ago

what? thats so insulting, wow, if you actually think that, lots of devs have gone against this idea as well

Xristo909d ago

Nio-Nai, you are obviously disconnected from the modding community. Please see yourself out.

Nio-Nai909d ago

If yours full of entitled little children like you I would much rather stay in the ones I'm currently in. Full of sensible people who like to get credit for what they create and not have people constantly insult and belittle the creators.

Seafort908d ago

Really? Only 17 mods have been priced and 40-50 pending review out of 25k mods on steam workshop.

This isn't about supporting modders this is just 2 corporations thinking it would be easy money to line their own back pockets on the creative works of their communities.

I guess they didn't expect such a fight back from users and modders alike.

PC gamers fight for their communities no matter who's threatening it.

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DragonKnight909d ago

Apparently a lot of people prefer Nexus over Steam Workshop for Skyrim mods. I can see why.

SteamPowered909d ago

There are lots of reasons why nexus is better. Game works has caps on file sizes as well as the Mod Organizer will check over your mods and make sure they all work together and what you need to do to get it working. Script extender is also needed for quite a few of the choice mods.

Vegamyster909d ago

Before this i always saw the Steam Workshop as a bonus, i prefer the Nexus because it just have more content and its easy to manage mods. Now i don't plan on using Steams Workshop at all until they reverse these policies.

Revolver_X_909d ago

Yes, I find NMM so easy to use. Just like SteamPowered said, I need SKSE for a lot of mods I use.

Jadenkorr021909d ago

Here's where I'm at. Lets say i buy some mods. Then the devs update their gasme and that update breaks those mods (mods no longer work). The modders of the mods I have DONT have to update their mod. I now paid for something that no longer works. Thats not OK with me. So because of this I'm not ok with this new policy.

00909d ago

what an absolute joke in one day valve managed to destroy a community, I hope to god PC master race are smart enough to completely laugh at this idea and cause it to fail.

Seafort908d ago

This isn't just Valve that wanted this. Bethesda is also to blame for this paid mods fiasco.

They also want 75% of the proceeds split between Valve and Bethesda leaving the modders with 25% only if they manage to sell $100 worth of their mods.

This has completely broke up the modding community as many modders still aren't charging for their mods. Only a small minority (17 priced with 40-50 pending review) have put a price on their mods considering there is 25k mods on steam workshop for skyrim.

So to me that says the modding community as a whole completely reject Valve/Bethesda decision to monetise mods.

The user base certainly does as we have and will always support modders for our games.

This time the corporations chose the wrong area of gaming to capitalise on and I hope it backfires for them.

I certainly won't be buying any more games from Bethesda no matter what game it is after this. Skyrim wouldn't be what it is today on PC without the modders to fix bugs and to add new and interesting content for all to share.

akiraburn908d ago

Agreed, although you should also check this out:

According to the information there, Valve is actually taking the full lion's share of 75% for themselves, while leaving the other 25% to be split between the publisher/developer (in this case, Bethesda), and the modder. So in a best case scenario, the modder gets 25%, while theoretically they could make as little as 1%. This isn't just confusing, it's downright insanity. How or why any modder could be interested in this scheme is truly baffling to me.

Personally, I think there's a lot more to this that we aren't seeing. Especially in regards to how Bethesda's share is being handled. Given the info in the link above, it would seem that they aren't making any profit with the mods for their game being sold, and are allowing modders to keep the full 25%, while also being completely fine with Valve taking a 75% share. That seems odd, to say the very least.

Regardless, this sets a very bad precedent and could easily lead to even worse industry practices than what we currently deal with. I don't think anyone has a problem with offering and a encouraging an optional donation, but setting up pay walls for mods... that leads down a very murky and troublesome path. What makes this situation even worse, is that apparently Valve are even removing the donation links that some modders have on their Workshop projects. As Rachel_Alucard has mentioned in a couple prior posts, you can see that happening here:

It is also worth noting how things are regressing already into a worse situation. Any users who even politely or slightly disagree on the matter of paid mods are being completely banned from Skyrim discussions on Steam and the content is all made invisible. Meanwhile some of the modders who are a part of this program (like Xilerbullet in this instance) seem to now be adding in-game pop-up notifications onto the "free version" of their mods, encouraging users to buy the premium version.

Personally, I hope that all the backlash is serious enough that not only does this whole thing get shut down, but the loss of customer loyalty and general support is severe enough that no one will ever dare attempt it again. I've helped work on a handful of big modding projects for other games, so even beyond the obvious reasons, this is a significant concern to me.

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