Mad Max Is the New Shadow of Mordor

IGN: "Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. This week we're discussing the new Mad Max game, Square Enix' E3 plans, and that odd new Overlord. Watch the video above or download the podcast below."

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ArchangelMike1179d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic. I see abig of Fallout 3, a bit of Rage and Twisted Metal, a smattering of Batman and the Last if Us... I don't see Mordor though... But... if they implement a Nemesis System in this game them I'm all in.

micx1179d ago

Maybe it's more about they're mixing it like Shadow of Mordor, and that's it's a possible sleeper hit.
This Mad Max game hasn't really been on my radar, but the latest materials awoke my interests.

vishmarx1178d ago

i hope its not as barren as mordor in terms of gameplay variety.which, being made by the guys behind jc2, im sure isnt

ginsunuva1178d ago

Let's just simplify every game into a linear combination of other games.

N4g_null1177d ago

I'm hype for the movie but the more a watched the game play the more I felt meh. There is just not enough there.

Palitera1178d ago

And IGN is the usual hired over hyper.

Nothing new here. Reminds me of how Brink and Homefront "killed" Call of Duty.

Saijahn1178d ago

Brink could've been a great franchise but it had some serious flaws. Bullet sponges and a lack of customization considering that's what the game was hyped up to robustly feature.

GiggMan1178d ago

They're good at hype.

That's good journalism, raise hype until release and then give game a 6.5 /s

Rute1178d ago

It hope it's even better.

MysticStrummer1178d ago

Yeah I hope so too, because Shadow of Mordor is a game that I can't get into no matter how many times I try.

Lucreto1178d ago

I was ignoring the game because it was Mad Max but after that video it has my attention.

Revolver_X_1178d ago

Im confused. You don't like the Mad Max films? Your missing out.

harikaerif1178d ago

He probably thought "Oh, another film adaption. It will probably suck."

Krew_921178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Yeah cheap movie license games are too common to not be cautious. So I understand the fear many people had about this game, Mad Max films are great classic films but we know what the gaming industry does to movies.

Just recently have we seen movie game licensed games start to be great. Like Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor.

spacedelete1178d ago

bargain bin game at best. i hope this doesn't sell well but people are so stupid nowadays such as people buying a reskin of BF4 in BF Hardline.

KTF261178d ago

at least wait until it released

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The story is too old to be commented.