GameSpot E3 2008: Fable II Impressions - Meet the Bard

GameSpot writes: "Yesterday, you might recall, we played through the E3 show-floor demo of Fable II. That was a lot of fun, but today we went one better and met with Peter Molyneux, who talked us through a handful of gameplay features that we hadn't seen previously.

The most memorable of these features was undoubtedly our first encounter with the bard character who, after you meet him in the game, will come and find you anytime you enter a major city. He'll follow you around, he'll talk at you incessantly, and he'll sing songs about your recent exploits--regardless of whether or not they're things that you're proud of. In short, he's annoying enough after a short time to test the patience of a saint. That's probably why Molyneux, who's known to favor playing as evil characters in his games, seized the first available opportunity to lure this guy under a bridge and kill him. Problem solved. If you choose to do something similar you'll never encounter the bard again."

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RadientFlux3802d ago

Nice Impressions, personally I am going to keep the Bard alive to sing/talk about the evil thing that I have done.