Xenoblade Chronicles X's "Dolls" Mecha Renamed to "Skells" By Nintendo for Western Version

During the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, fans learned that the “Dolls” mecha that are a very relevant part of the Wii U exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X have been renamed to “Skells.”

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vishmarx880d ago

because dolls from japan was such a great name....
theyre both terrible names for something so badass.

raWfodog880d ago

If they were going to change the name, why not just 'Mechs' or 'Mecha'?

Metallox880d ago

For our market, something like skell is simply much better than doll.

bitboi880d ago

It also made sense when he said it was short for Exoskeleton

Yi-Long880d ago

Ridiculous. I'm getting sick and tired of products getting changed to supposedly suit 'a western audience' better, in most cases completely unnecessary...

Metallox880d ago

I agree, but it works like that.

Yi-Long880d ago

It shouldn't. The writers picked 'dolls' for a reason, and just because an American audience MIGHT have a 'problem' with that, they change it.

Where's the artistic integrity in that, and it's also a lack of respect towards their western customers, assuming they wouldn't 'accept' it. It's ridiculous and unnecessary.

And sadly, they keep doing this again and again, with movies, anime, manga and games all being butchered for a so-called 'western audience', some more than others.

OttoniBastos880d ago

Probably cause "muh feminism","muh opression","Muh Anita","Muh tumblr".

3-4-5879d ago

* At least Skells is related to Exo-skeleton, so there is a relation there.

* Dolls makes you think of barbies or something.

Neither is a "great" name, but I honestly don't care at all that much.

I was going to buy this game and enjoy the heck out of it regardless.

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SteamPowered880d ago

Here I figured the 'dolls' would have referred to the NPC's in the game.

bitboi880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

I prefer "Skells" to "dolls", especially after he mentioned in the stream it was short for Exoskeleton, which makes sense. Calling a mech a "doll" does seem kinda funny. But that's just my opinion.

CLOUD1983880d ago

Why not name them Gears because Xenogear you know... aarghh... me personally I prefer Gears over anything else.

Ck1x880d ago

To me I think any name is better than dolls! But just how amazing would a Xenoblade/Metroid crossover be in the future? Talk about epic, the possibilities are endless for a crossover game like that.

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