What Is Xbox's Mystery New Exclusive E3 Game?

Microsoft says they should have a new, exclusive IP at E3. Let the speculation begin.

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XboxDD1001d ago

Please be something good.
New Gears are a given, I wonder if MS could secure some multiplatforms.
Or better yet, return Conker.

Transistor1001d ago

I just heard that a Xbox One version of Gears is playable so expect it at E3. Don't know if it's a remaster of Gears 4 though.

XboxDD1001d ago

Maybe they'll go with both of them. I don't expect GeoW 4 to launch until winter 2016/spring 2017.

Naga1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Maybe we can narrow this down through the process of elimination. Consider the game-types they already have a stake in:

FPS - Halo
3PS - Gears of War
Racing - Forza
Sandbox - Crackdown
Creative - Minecraft
RPG - ???
Stealth/Action - ???
Flying - ???
Survival/Horror - ???
Vehicular Combat - ???

Personally, I'd be down with a vehicular combat game a la Twisted Metal.

nicksetzer11001d ago

Survival/horror has state of decay.

Agree though, hoping it is either a well executed platformer or an RPG.

gamertk4211001d ago


JasonKCK1001d ago

Survival/Horror - Alan Wake

Kal0psia1001d ago

No doubt new State of Decay, they just released a remaster so it only makes sense they'll be showcasing what State of Decay is suppose to be, given the last one was a huge successful beta.

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AngelicIceDiamond1001d ago

Well it could be anything. A new Ip from a brand new studio or from an existing studio. If its anything to go by Phil said hes not interested in another FPS or racer.

I could see a third person action games. platformer from Rare. Perhaps that spy game from Black Tusk's.

Just throwing this out there but that third person action game could be MS answer to Uncharted.

Imo if it is, please let it be its own game. Don't let it be a blatant rip off from Uncharted, don't let it be forced. If it is 3rd person let it be the Perfect Dark reboot. That game would be beautiful in 3rd person.

But sadly Phil said Perfect Dark game isn't in development.

micx1001d ago

Don't they already have Rise of the Tomb Raider as sort of a counter to Uncharted? I know it's not a true exclusive, but it's something.

What they don't have is a platformer a la Ratchet & Clank, so my bet is on Rare to pull it off.

shloobmm31001d ago

I just want lost odyssey 2

crazed_shadow271001d ago

I hope they don't secure a multiplatform. That is a cheap tactic. I don't mind if a former exclusive goes multiplatform, but not the other way around. Securing a multiplatform only limits gamers. Rather than do that, come up with an original idea on their own rather than taking what already exists.

IRetrouk1001d ago

I hate 3rd party exclusive games from series that were multi, as it limits who gets to play, exclusive new ips from 3rd party studios are ok though as although it limits who gets to play it, its not a continuation of an existing ip.

crazed_shadow271000d ago

I didn't mind what Insomniac did with Sunset Overdrive since it was a new IP, but not with something that used to be available for everyone like Tomb Raider.

I get Square Enix were scared to compete against Uncharted. I figured the PS4 version would be out within 6 months of the X1 release. But now due to the Uncharted delay, it feel like Square Enix are kicking themselves in the ass. I doubt that the Tomb Raider exclusivity will last up to a year, people will have moved on and forgotten about it by then.

Farmassy1000d ago

It is rumored that the studio behind State of Decay is making an MMO which is financed by microsoft. I personally would love to see what that company can create given the proper financial backing

Necr0philiac1000d ago

Games I would like it to be-
Turok Dinosaur Hunter
Dino Crises 4
Ninja Gaiden
Crimson Skies
This one is kind of far stretched-
I want 2k sports to make the Mutant League Sports series that EA used to make.

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christocolus1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

At this point it could be anything and i doubt we will be seeing just one new ip from MS at E3. MS has so many ips laying dormant and with their new focus on 1st party ip they could decide to start up some brand new franchises with some of their new studios or even in partnership with 2nd or 3rd party devs. The options are limitless and i hope they wow us at E3.Can't wait to see what they have planned. Still hoping for a sequel to Kameo though.

hello121001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Its has to be Rare game or game from another studio? One game only is bad to me but Phil seemed to be hinting at that in his tweet. I think Microsoft need least another two games to get people excited because we know scalebound, crackdown and gears 4 are coming already you need to excite people.

micx1001d ago

Probably Rare, there were some teases about their project before.

christocolus1001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

There's definitely going to be more than one new ip but they may decide to spread the announcements across E3, Gamescom andTtGS. We know many MS studios have unannounced games in development(some have multiple titles in the works i.e rare).Lift, Soho, Rare, Decisive games , Lionhead, Mohjang, Pressplay,Twisted pixel, Lxp and even 343i etc have unannounced games in development and then there's rumored parnerships with 2nd and 3rd party devs. I think MS may announce a game in partnership with either capcom, mistwalker or square at e3. They also have the rumored joe montana game with 2k studios and i wouldn't be surprised to see something from epic or insomniacs SO team and who knows what playground is working on next? It might be a brand new game or even pgr or forza rally and lastly Phil did say he would make up for the sf5 ps4 exclusive there's that too. :)

vega2751001d ago

I'm not sure be I think Phil Harrison merged lift and soho together before he left the company. But either way I'm very excited to hear what MS has up their sleeves.

Mikefizzled1000d ago

Phil Harrison is leaving Microsoft but he said working with Rare on their new game is a career highlight. Whatever they are cooking up in Twycross its going to be good.

Manic20141001d ago

Maybe Eden Falls? It was trademarked some time ago. Hopefully we'll finally know what the game is.

guyman1000d ago

o yes i forgot about that trademark. The name sounds very interesting and mysterious. I hope it is Eden Falls.

jhoward5851001d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

I think MS secret game is going to be something apocalyptic like The last of us(or maybe with aliens invading our planet instead of zombies.

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