GameSpot E3 2008: Deadly Creatures Updated Hands-On

GameTrailers writes: "Deadly Creatures is a game for anyone who ever watched a nature documentary about nasty insects and thought, "Whooooa! Cool!" Playing as both a scorpion and tarantula, you'll make your way through nine different environments that range from natural desert landscapes to junkyards full of oversized human refuse. It is an action game at heart, and all the while you'll be battling myriad other species who aren't happy that you've invaded their territory. We take charge of these deadly creatures and see just how we'd do if we were small, nasty arachnids.

When the game begins, you are a tarantula. Crawling through underground tunnels, you kill hapless crickets and larvae as the game introduces you to the revamped combat system. No longer do you lock on to enemies and attack them; instead, you face in their direction and unleash any number of attacks. Pressing the A button will trigger a quick strike, while shaking the Wii Remote will deliver a more powerful blow. These attacks can be chained together in combos, and you'll gain more abilities as your creature levels up. The tarantula can gain a poisonous bite, as well as the ability to shoot webs, which can be used to immobilize foes or traverse difficult terrain. We watched as our presenter battled his way through a number of beetle foes on his way to the level-ending confrontation with the other playable creature--the scorpion."

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PS360WII3775d ago

Sweet sounds like it's really coming together. This will be fun and creepy to play :) Dang bugs

Product3775d ago

Not gonna lie this is a crazy idea,but it actually looks interesting.