Dark Souls II Is An Example Of The Perfect Way To Re-Release A Game

IM PLAYIN discuss why Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, is the perfect game re-release.

"Dark Souls II – Scholar of the First Sin is an example of how developers should re-release a game. I loved playing the original Dark Souls II on the 360, but because it wasn’t released before the next-gen consoles hit our shelves, I didn’t play it as much as I’d have liked. I ended up getting distracted by my Xbox One and, eventually, I put down my 360 controller, and Dark Souls II started to gather dust. Over a year later, I decided to pick up Dark Souls II on the Xbox One – and I couldn’t be more happy."

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MysticStrummer1184d ago

I'd have been all over this if Bloodborne hadn't released at the same time. I may still play DS2 eventually but damn it looks dated after playing the newer game.