New Witcher 3 screenshots

Some new Witcher 3 screens showing combat, card games and enemies have been released today by Namco Bandai

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starchild1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Those are some awesome screenshots. The first one looks almost otherworldly. Only 24 more days to go.

Kingdomcome2471000d ago

Here the two of us are again in a Witcher article. After saying yesterday that I was going dark, I think I need help. I can't stop clicking on them.

bomajed1000d ago

I'm with you too, I just can't!

kingeliran1000d ago

Holy shizzzz. This is new! They even got a "desert" themed region wow never saw that before, so far i saw
-snow area
-dense forests
-old battlefields
-deep sea/open sea
-and now desert area ! :)

Conzul1000d ago

Yeah that desert looks epic!

Also for some reason that screenshot made me think of Halo.

Kingdomcome2471000d ago

Maybe it was the Halo 5 reveal trailer set in the desert, and that alien looking moon.

FalloutWanderer2077999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

For those familiar with the Witcher books , I think it just might be Korath desert a.k.a. the frying pan.It is where Ciri was dumped mid-air. Here is a link for more info, be careful of book spoilers. Here is a really badass video someone made in UE4 of what Korath might look like. If you ask me, not too far off from what that image with those creatures and Geralt looks like.

Looking at that image, if they were to add a bit more red to the rocks & environment I would be just about 100% positive that this was a confirmation of Korath. Which to be perfectly honest, I would of thought that area would make an appearance in-game. It might not be Korath but some other barren area we don't know enough about.

FalloutWanderer2077999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

* I meant to say in my last comment that I did not expect this area making it into the game. We will just have to wait and see on May 19th. We do know there are supposedly 5-6 separate locations from the main 3 core regions - Novigrad, NML and the Skellige Islands. We are aware of 2 of these, 1.) Kaer Morhen, the WItcher fortress, training grounds and Winter home and 2.)The Vizima Royal Palace. If we aren't counting White Orchard, the prologue area, then this still leaves 3-4 locations we have no idea about.Maybe this is one of those separate smaller areas of the game?*

Here is an excerpt from the Witcher saga book 'The Time of Contempt' describing a bit of Korath:

“She was completely surrounded by a greyish-red, stony plain, scored by ravines and faults, with mounds of stones and huge, strangely shaped rocks. High above the plain hung an enormous, golden burning sun, turning the entire sky yellow, distorting visibility with its blinding glare and making the air shimmer.”
— pg(s). 255, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Info. on Zerrikania

If it truly is the Korath desert then this opens a few opportunities to finally show more of the Witcher world and some of it's monsters that up until now have only been referenced and talked about in the novels and games.

oasdada1000d ago

First game i ever preordered in my whole life

Roadrun01999d ago

how can anyone disagree to that? .. Funny :)

TeamLeaptrade1000d ago

This game gets more stunning as we go. Can't wit to play the actual game and see how beautiful it is! :)

mogwaii1000d ago

Imagine if games one day look like that tv spot clip!....i'll be too old and arthritic to hold a controller let alone comprehend what im seeing, lol.

starchild999d ago

Haha nah I think we'll get pretty close to that level next generation, and definitely by the next one after that.

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