The Atari skin gives your PS4 a vintage makeover

A sleek skin gives the PS4 a retro feel, Atari-style.

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mochachino909d ago

Very well done. They should sell more skins ins stores instead of having to go online to get them.

Paytaa909d ago

I used to like how they sold custom faceplates for the 360 years ago at like Best Buy and Circuit City. Would be cool to see Sony do the same but for skins to buy at retail. I'd definitely buy a TLOU themed skin.

arkard909d ago

Sony should just make different hard drive covers. They have the limited edition ones but they should have some other themed ones that you could buy.

Roman3mPiRe86909d ago

These two are my wife's and mine. Shes been through a lot so she loved the fact that the girl soldier represents strength and to never give up despite her wounds.

Here's a link

Bathyj909d ago

I have that skin. It is nice.

MysticStrummer909d ago

Very cool but does a skin make the console heat up faster? Seems like it would. Anyway I haven't seen many skins I'd want but I like this one a lot.

darkmirror909d ago

Not really, I've had one for a while now and I haven't noticed a difference. Plus skins don't cover up any of the ventilation.

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