Throwdown Ep. 32 – “Microsoft: From Green to Red”

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"What’s great about math is that it’s a simple thing to understand on the surface. If you sell something for less money and don’t sell a lot of that thing, you will not make a profit. Such is the case with the Xbox One. Though it is priced at $349, this hasn’t helped to move a significant amount of systems and this in turn has cut into Microsoft‘s revenue.

Our main topic deals with this latest news from the Microsoft camp. We discuss how the company’s gaming division got into this state, why people aren’t buying the Xbox One in droves like they are the PlayStation 4, and what the company can possibly do to correct this problem.

Other news covered: Star Wars: Battlefront, Square-Enix event at E3, Honey Badger Brigade controversy, gay Ice-Man, and Daredevil season 2."

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sagesurge1153d ago

Don't forget the fact they have better games

breakpad1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

lame show

MysticStrummer1152d ago

Opinions are easy to forget.

stephburdo1153d ago

Xbox One focuses too much on television functionality, whereas PlayStation 4 places gaming at highest importance. Microsoft should try to imitate this model, while providing something different to its particular gaming audience.

Moldiver1153d ago

"Xbox One focuses too much on television functionality, whereas PlayStation 4 places gaming at highest importance."

Somebody has obviously been living under a rock for the last year....You do realise XB1 has more higher rated exclusive AAA games than PS4 at this point in time right?

stephburdo1152d ago

Exclusives make a console superior? What about the fact that PlayStation Plus offers gamers nearly $40 of free content a month? Or the fact that the PlayStation community does a far superior job at supporting indie titles? Get out of here and play with your controller that still takes double a (aa) batteries dude.

Moldiver1152d ago

"Exclusives make a console superior?"

Yes. They do. Its laughable that you even have to ask this. even your fellow PS fanboy bretherin will agree that exclusives are what makes a console great.

"What about the fact that PlayStation Plus offers gamers nearly $40 of free content a month?"

Doesnt mean much if you already bought the good ones...and what of the rest of the shovel wear? hardly worth the asking price, is it? Besides I have been an XBL subscriber for seven and a half years. They still have my custom because they have been a great to me when you have been a PSN subscriber for that long...I dont even own PSN anymore but I have probably spent more money on than you. Thats why sony built the next gen X360. They want people like me spending the kind of money I spend on Xbox on the PS4.

And FYI,I have always payed to play online on console. And given that most of my gaming time is spent on halo, BF, two forzas (FM5 and FH2), titanfall neverwinter and on PC; firefall, star citizen and asseto corsa, its pretty obvious that I spend most of my gaming time playing online with friends. And XBL is the best place for that. Even if MS threw a shitload of indies at me every month I doubt I would actually have the time to play them all anyway. I just about get round to playing the free games I get with gold. Thats good for you if you like that sort of thing though. Not like you are actually paying for these games and supporting the devs yourself now is it? but whatever helps you sleep at night, hipster. Supporting indies does not make you more of a gamer than anybody else. Get over yourself, mate.

Which brings me to....
"Or the fact that the PlayStation community does a far superior job at supporting indie titles?"

If that the case how come battlefield and COD dominate PS sales charts all the time too when the odd big AAA exclusive doest take the top PS spot for a week..before handing it back to COD, madden, fifa...just like..*gasps* Xbox.

"Get out of here and play with your controller that still takes double a (aa) batteries dude."

I use the official rechargeable pack. I never have to swap out what was your point again? such a lame and cringe worthy comment. I own an xbox..this is an xbox thread (maybe you should read the article title seeing as YOU forgot where YOU are)...You dont own an STFU and GTFO...along with any other internet acronym that involves you shutting the hell up, with your nonsense. lol, you dumb kid!

SoapShoes1152d ago

No it doesn't, you kidding? PS4 has more highly rated games than Xbox and more AAA games as well.

avengers19781152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

See johndoe11211's comment and click the list wars link. Pretty much sums up who has more games currently, oh and Last of Us remastered and Bloodborne are the 2 highest rated games both PS4 exclusives.
Plus when you take into account a lot of XB1 "exclusives" are on PC and some are even on 360...

MysticStrummer1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

"You do realize XB1 has more higher rated exclusive AAA games than PS4"

Sure, if you ignore reality. Talk about living under a rock...

TheCommentator1152d ago


Just wanted to point out that TLOU was on PS3, and some people don't play PC games.

Eddie201011152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Ryse, Mediocre, Technically sub par.

Sunset Overdrive, seriously over rated game.

Halo Master Chief Collection, a very mixed bag of good and bad.

Thrill Ride, Mediocre.

Project Spark, Mediocre.

The only standouts are the Forza games and a few smaller games like Ori.

Neither console has a whole lot to brag about in the exclusive department. The Xbox fanboys make themselves look stupid with the exclusives argument. Neither console have enough good exclusives to make it stand out over the other at this time.

By the way, I own the first three games I listed.

dirkdady1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

PS4 has more higher rated games in both retail and downloadable -

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starbuck1152d ago

I dont understand the dis of aa batteries. Ive brought a few pairs of the Eneloop XX batteries and 1 pair of these last me about 4-5 days of gaming for an average of 4-6 hours a day, plus when the batteries no longer hold a charge I can buy a new set instead of a whole new controller.

GenuineGamer1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I recently bought some panasonic eneloop batteries which came with a quick charge station.

I am amazed how long they last. Easily over a week gaming every day. And when they eventually die they charge fully in 2 hours.

Love it.

TheCommentator1152d ago

Rechargeable batteries, a 4 pack with a charger, can be had for around $10. When one set is dead, throw them on the charger and put in the fresh set. You never need a usb cable and you don't have to buy/repair a controller like if a proprietary battery fails to charge. It is clearly better than internal.

rainslacker1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

AA batteries are rather archaic in today's electronic devices outside maybe remotes. Almost everything like this has internal rechargeable batteries. Ease of replacement is a thing in Xbox's favor, but you can also replace the batteries in a DualShock with nothing more than a screwdriver and a $7 battery brought from Amazon, and about 10 minutes of time.

The thing is though, the batteries in the DS don't go bad for a very long time. While anecdotal, I have 7 DS3's, 2 being sixaxis' I got on launch day, 2 DS3's I got when they became available ~6 years ago, and 3 more I've brought more than 2-3 years ago. Every single one can hold a charge for more than 10 hours on even the most demanding game. FOr less controller intensive games it can go 15-20 hours and can be recharged in about an hour. I have to replace one now however, but that's because the D-Pad keeps registering inputs when not in use, and cleaning it didn't help, although I may just change the contact sheet.

I honestly don't know why people defend this AA batteries thing. Instead of defending it for what I assume is console preference, make a fuss about it, and get MS to include the Play n' Charge kit with the controller itself instead of charging money as an additional purchase. Then, if you want an additional replacement, you can go out and buy one.

GenuineGamer1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Ugh enough already. Some people like being able to hotswap their battery packs in their controllers. Is this really so hard to understand??? It has its benefits over an internal battery this can not be disputed. I don't care what year it is, i prefer having a cradle with fully charged batteries ready to go when my controller dies so i can continue playing wireless. No cables involved. If you don't like this then fine but it doesn't mean its a bad option compared to internal its just different preferences. I prefer it this way like a lot of other people i don't care that ps4 is internal it has shocking battery life and cant be swapped out, restricting you to being plugged in while it charges.

I would much rather take 5 seconds to swap out my battery pack and be fully charged ready to go. While my other pack charges to be ready to swap again and the cycle continues. So i'm ALWAYS wireless. It works for me, and i like it.

starbuck1151d ago

I defend AA batteries because its much easier for me to swap out the AAs instead of having to plug my whole controller in reverting to an even more archaic than AAs wired controller or stopping playing whilst waiting for my controller to charge.
I just reach in to the draw next to my sofa and swap out the flat AAs for fresh ones in less than 10 seconds. Plus the DS4 battery is 1000mah whilst the eneloop xx are 2450mah so last a lot longer. After ive finished gaming I plug in the flats to charge and in about 1-2 hours theyre done.
Theres nothing archaic about AAs just much easier as most people will have a set of rechargable AAs floating around.

rainslacker1151d ago

To each their own then. You don't understand the dis, I don't understand the defense of people not asking MS to simply provide a hot-swappable rechargeable battery included with the controller. This way you get the best of both worlds. They already have the accessory available, so why not include it with the controller and for people such as yourself, you can buy an extra to hot swap.

The only reason I mention the way to replace them is because it seems that a big part of your reasoning is based on something that is hardly a consideration.

TheCommentator1151d ago


The thing for me, as a collector, is that at some point no replacement will be available for a proprietary battery. This would mandate a wired connection to the system for the controller to work. AA batteries will still be here 30 years from now.

rainslacker1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )


I'm a collector as well, and that kind of thing doesn't worry me. It certainly isn't something that's going to be a problem any time soon. You can still buy new replacement parts for the Atari 2600 or NES. They aren't official, but if there is a market, there will be a solution. The batteries are pretty simple, so you could even probably jerry-rig something much like you would make an extension cable for a controller.

Edit: It's also worth mentioning that 30 years from now, AA batteries may be kind of a rare thing. Technology is moving pretty fast, and batteries themselves(any kind really) are not exactly environmentally friendly. A couple on their own won't be that big a deal, but when you talk about millions upon millions that get thrown into landfills everyday, then it adds up. There are tons of environmental toxins used to make batteries, and unfortunately, most people just toss their batteries. They'll likely still be available though for the same reasons that I listed above, but it may become a more specialized item as technology nowadays is designed with planned obsolescence to keep customers buying new stuff.

@Everyone else above

I feel that my first comment was taken as an attack of some sort. It was not meant as such, just more an explanation of a viewpoint of why people would dis it, along with my own opinion on the subject. I, like I'd imagine most people feel, do not care if you have a preference for a battery source. My comment on why don't people ask MS for a battery was simply because I found it to be rather odd that MS didn't do it, and it always just seemed to me that people made excuses for what is fairly standard in other equipment.

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freshslicepizza1152d ago

let's not get into some list war (the ps4 actually has more games released). what is ignorant is to suggest the xbox one is not a game platform. yes it's true the ps4 is more powerful but just because the xbox one has a hdmi input and microsoft advertises media functionality doesn't mean that is a bad thing. sony has just done things in the opposite direction. they marketed the ps4 as a gaming platform first and foremost and over time have turned it into a good media system as well. microsoft by comparison unveiled the xbox one early as an all-in-one system and spent a lot of time talking about media. they have since gone in the opposite direction once phil took over. they have released new tools that allows developers more resources (such as not being hampered by kinect and the upcoming dx12 support) and talked a lot about games.

microsoft is facing a very well marketed machine, the ps4. this has caused them to try and offer greater value by lowering the price (which sony had to do with the ps3 ironically and that system was also heavily marketed as a bluray movie machine) and offering bundled games. this is what you have to do to remain competitive if you are being outsold and try and differentiate your hardware with unique features and software. which again they are doing. the other option of course is to do very little like nintendo is with the wii u. nintendo is more worried about remaining profitable and this is why that system hasn't been reduced in price as much. the downside is the system sells even less than the xbox one.

you have the ps4 that is hugely popular but microsoft has managed to do not too badly for second place. it's not like the generation with the ps2 where that system just blew the competition away. right now the ps4 is selling approximately 2-1 against the xbox one and probably 4-1 to that of the wii u. by comparison the xbox sold less than 30 million and the gamecube sold about 25 million and the ps2 well over 100 million.

Automatic791153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

How are they in Red when they just made 2.1 billion in profits

Romudeth1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Microsoft revenue down 24% because of Xbox One. Profits and revenue are two different things.

Bzone241152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Xbox revenue was down 24% YOY, not Microsoft revenue. Microsoft YOY revenue was up by 6% I think. But you are right that profits and revenue are two different things.

matthewbatb1153d ago Show
johndoe112111153d ago

Guy in the video says "they arguably have more exclusives than sony does at this point"......


S2Killinit1152d ago

Yup i noticed that little booboo

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