PS3 local content? Schmocal content! Why Sony's silos need breaking down now...

Excerpt from PS3 Attitude: "At the last Sony strategy meeting, held in Tokyo this June, one of the audience members picked Sir Howard Stringer up on his progress in breaking down the 'silos' within Sony.

A year before, Sir Howard had vowed to bring down the silo mentality within Sony Corporation. And to be fair to him, much of the strategy meeting was based around the new integrations between products across different divisions - for example, bringing together products from SCEI, Sony Ericsson and Sony Electronics.

As time goes on, Sir Howard and Sony want to break down the walls and marry more of their products up with each other.

But there is one wall that refuses to fall, no matter how many people appear to trumpet their voices at it.

The geographical split within SCEI..."

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himdeel3778d ago have global content in particular a global PSN. In all honesty I can only see NA/EU/JP PSN being integrated. Even if the localization of games aren't broken down making PSN global would be a tremendous move in the right direction.