Remove paid mod content from Steam petition reaches 30,000 sigs in less than 24 hours

A petition created on April 23rd, 2015, the same day Steam launched its paid mod feature on Steam Workshop, has already reached 30,000+ signatures in just 21 hours.

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ritsuka6661150d ago

An unnecessary move from valve for sure. Sad..

Saryk1150d ago

30,000 signatures is like 30,000 in China protesting, doesn't mean shit! When it gets to 2+ million, maybe then (big maybe), it might matter.

Cindy-rella1150d ago

People love things for free which is ok but sometimes if you want quality you have to pay for it. I dont like mods in my games anyway because often times they cause conflict on my pc or something goes wrong. To each his own. People should have the choice though to have paid for mods but i can see devs trying to capitalize on paid for mods later. Imagine games with mkx situation

elninels1150d ago

I agree. I'd also like to point out that people shouls be paid for their hard work, modders included. Perhaps it should be restructured, but banning paid mods is silly. Expecting ish for free is sillier.

Dasteru1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

The reason alot of people are against this isn't because they want everything for free. It is because it leads to laziness and greed among mod developers.

They start to think of it as a job rather than a hobby and it leads to lower quality since by the time you download the mod and realise it is buggy crap, they have already been payed. There is less incentive to make things properly when it is being done for the money, rather than for the fun of it. That isn't what mods are suppose to be about.

What they should do is add a donation feature. That way modders will continue putting effort into their mods, and if after downloading and testing the mod, people like it, they can then donate whatever amount they want. The mod developer would also get 100% of the money this way.

Tempest3171150d ago

@Cindy-rella @elninels The point is, modders made the mods full-well knowing they were going to be free. This isn't a new concept, modding is an art and a hobby. People do it because they have ideas and the ability to put those ideas into something, and share it with the world. Valve is attempting to monetize this industry, when millions of people have been doing this for years for free because they WANT to. This isn't about "expecting ish for free". This is Valve and devs wanting to get paid for something they provided nothing to, other than a canvas. And before anyone says "The devs deserve to get paid for people using their works" or something along those lines, the devs also provide the modding tools and are the ones that have allowed the industry to flourish! They've never gotten paid for it, the modders aren't getting paid for it, no money is changing hands yet thousands of ideas and creative minds are flooding the market for the enjoyment of the masses. Why fix it if it ain't broke? Greed.

BenRage31149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

As of now it is over 90,00 signatures and it will continue to climb far beyond that I promise you. I signed the petition.

Free mods are one of the key selling points that make PC gaming so great. And I'm tired of being nickel and dimed for any and everything these days. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I spend a hell of a lot of money on Steam as do a lot of you. This almost feels like a punishment for my loyalty. Not cool Valve.

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camel_toad1150d ago

I love valve but man with this and a few other things recently theyve left me scratching my head.

3-4-51150d ago

* It's like this people:

* Imagine a company who makes canvases for painting.

Imagine said company wanting a cut or a % of the money an artist made from their painting, because they used their canvas.

^ NOBODY would stand for that. In any business at all.

* Tell Valve we want "our cut", from THEIR % of sales, because WITHOUT US, they would have NO money.

How about that ^ ?

And I love STEAM....but this is BS.

rainslacker1150d ago

I'm not sure I really understand why people are upset about the option to be there.

The option still exists to allow for free mods right? If that's the case, then just let people who don't want to pay for mods, not pay for them?

There will still be modders that will do it for free...they do it now for the love of it. Some will charge for it, and if there are still tons of free ones, then the free ones will likely not make much money unless they are truly unique.

How is this any different than some company doing a huge mod to a game, then charging for it like it's a new game?

The only thing I can see being an issue is the cuts which Valve has implemented, which seem excessively in favor of Valve.

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WolfLeBlack1150d ago

It's now past 38,000 signatures.

JackBNimble1150d ago

My sig puts it at 57,489.

JsonHenry1150d ago

Not sure why this is a problem. If you don't like paying for a mod then don't use it.

I understand everyone wants stuff for free. But if someone else spends their time making something and chooses to sell it I don't see a problem with that seeing as how no one is forced to buy anything.

rdgneoz31150d ago

And if you pay money for a mod, then it gets broken by a patch shortly. Guess what, all you can do is ask nicely about when it's going to be fixed (if at all).

General Shrooms1150d ago

so what? spend your money judiciously. What you said can be applied to about anything you spend money on

JsonHenry1150d ago

Again, no one is forcing you to buy it. And if no one buys them, guess what?? They'll stop charging!

I swear economics needs to be taught in school.

Saryk1150d ago

Then don't buy it if you're scared!

TXIDarkAvenger1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Well for one people are posting mods that aren't theirs and/or have someones mod in conjunction with their own without any permission. The system is pretty flawed. They should of added a donation button instead but whatever, Steam barely has any of the good mods so hopefully this doesn't become the norm. Not to mention the money is split between Valve, the developer, and the modder.

rainslacker1150d ago

I understand there are issues with the policies, and I actually do agree that they need to be fixed in a big way.

What I don't understand is why people are upset that the ability to charge for mods has been made available.

This petition seems to be geared towards taking away the option completely, not towards fixing the issues that the policies introduce.

Blank1150d ago

Like minded individuals like you are what cause this industry turn into a greedy monster.

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Tempest3171150d ago

@thunderbird The only way that comparison could pssibly apply is if I worked for free for the last 20 years, never expecting anything, then my boss comes up and say "Hey, you can start charging for your work but youll only get 25%." Also, modding is a hobby thats pretty much always been done for free. Working for a living? Not so much. Apples and Oranges

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OhReginald1150d ago

What's to hate? you support the people that make the mods so they can make more mods.....people these days..they don't recognize how much work and time goes into these mods and want everything for free...

crazychris41241150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

So then Valve should let us donate so the modder gets 100% not the 25% or less like its setup now

rdgneoz31150d ago

There was another article where someone linked pics of valve removing links that modders put for donations...

Rachel_Alucard1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )


Yeah that was this one

I also have heard from a few people that the modders literally get paid in steambux, so that whole "make a living" advertising point is completely false because not only do they get a measly 25% share, they also can only spend that share back to valve. The economics just do not work in the way that people are led to believe.

Valve literally gets 70% of the revenue while bethesda gets 30%. Effectively, destroying that whole "money incentive" that I see some people using as a defense.

rdgneoz31150d ago

They're splitting the 25% valve isn't taking (they get a nice 75% cut for hosting it) and the mod developer and game developer split the other 25%. And the game developer can adjust how much of a split it is. They get anywhere from 1% of the sale to 25% depending on how nice the game developer is... so for a $5 mod, anywhere between $1.25 and $0.05 ...

Blank1150d ago

Most of the time they have a direct paypal link to donate and appreciate!

Big_Game_Hunters1150d ago

People want everything for free now, i like free things too but remember, its up to the MOD creaters to sell their content that they work hard on if they want, or make it free..If they want to make money from their hard work i see no issue. The real issue here is that valve gets 75% while the creaters only get 25%.

Mr Tretton1150d ago

'Now?' Mods were always free!

rainslacker1150d ago

And for the most part, they probably will continue to be free. It's just the way the modding community is. Some will start to charge though, and likely won't make any money unless Valve changes it's policies.

People pay full price for "new" games which are just big mods. people pay for DLC, which is really just a mod. Some people will probably be willing to pay for mods that modders make.

There's a huge number of people on Steam that don't get all riled up which may not have a problem with this, and may be willing to pay for it, but how is that effecting the people upset about it beyond they may lose out on a mod here or there if a particular modder decides to charge for it?

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