Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Canavero’s patient doesn’t have “any relationship to MGS”

Val Spiridonov, the patient who is waiting for Sergio Canavero to complete his research on head transplant, has said on Twitter that he doesn’t have “any relationship to MGS”.

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Hasswell-NeverCold1037d ago

Shut up already about that. Jesus..

Also it's about time to try metal gear then.

RowSand1036d ago

I never seen that Screen Shot

Hasswell-NeverCold1036d ago

White people look too much alike. It's not racist when white person says it.

Also I meant that that patient (and the doctor) should play metal gear. My favourite is metal gear 2 in msx after mgs 1 in psx. =P

In a side note a head transplant? That's pretty insane stuff right there. =)

Concertoine1036d ago

Its so annoying when you walk into a room of 6 foot tall bald, old scientists and you don't know which one's which.

umair_s511036d ago

Of course 'officially' there is no relationship