The Charnel House Trilogy Review | Hardcore Gamer

The Charnel House Trilogy sprang forth from a freeware adventure game, and it feels like it. Sepulchre, the game that spawned the project, is a short but horrific AGS title made by Owl Cave as a side project during work on Richard and Alice. The Charnel House Trilogy turns Sepulchre into the second chapter of three, expanding on its premise of a ghost train where past and present blur together and reality is at best a flimsy veneer. A new prologue titled “Inhale” puts us in the shoes of a cynical millennial girl named Alex Davenport as she prepares to board the train, and a much longer third chapter called “exhale” illuminates the mystery of the Sepulchre while giving us a bit of closure on the original game’s dark, ambiguous ending.

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