'Splatoon' producer sidesteps the lack of online voice chat

My reaction to an interview with Hisashi Nogami, producer of the upcoming Wii U shooter 'Splatoon'. I take issue with the lack of online voice chat, and I explain why I believe that it's a bad thing it's not present.

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Concertoine1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I wonder if this was a choice by the developers, or by Nintendo themselves?

I dont think the author's analogy is entirely relevant either though. Whereas jabbing yourself in the eye with a straw requires a certain level of stupidity, people pathologically swear online.

MrSwankSinatra1122d ago

I mean the director pretty much said that he was called mean things online and thus that is the reason why there is no voice chat for this game.

XisThatKid1122d ago

Either way it's ok because Nintendo is doing it :/

GrantPatterson1122d ago

Well, considering that this is a first-party title, the decision-making entity is really one and the same.

And furthermore, what analogy would suit the situation better? That's not meant to sound snide, I'm genuinely curious as to what would be on your mind.

Concertoine1122d ago

Well i mean the developers of MK8 and Smash both had limited forms of game chat, but they were still there. It seems strange they'd go from that to absolutely no chat. Im just curious if the developers are sticking to some set company qualifications, if the developer is pressured to conserve the company's safe image, or if they genuinely just don't feel the need for it as they say.

And truth is, i can't come up with a better analogy. Didn't realize i had to, lol...

3-4-51122d ago

* Telling people where the enemy is doesn't guarantee you actually "get" them.

* Telling your teamate your "over here" doesn't do much when CHAOS is happening.

* Calling somebody a "F**" isn't going to improve team play.

* Bragging about your K/D isn't going to help anyone.

* Telling people they suck and to quit, isn't going to help anyone in this game.

You see.

On Paper, in theory, Voice Chat seems like a great idea.

when put to practice, or tested out, more than 50% of the time it's negative stuff being said on the mic.

* Some people are just too obsessed with themselves and they think everybody NEEDS to hear their opinion 100% of the time during a match.

I get/understand mute, which would make sense, but Voice chat just isn't needed in this game.

* If it was an XB1,PC or PS4 game I'd defend that stance as well.

It's not the publisher or the platform, but the idea playing out in reality in a different way than how most people think it will.

* If your talking, your taking focus and brain power away from thinking.

Your hindering your own gameplay at that point.

Bronxs151121d ago

Where I disagree with you and others who defend lack of voice chat as a plus is because I like to talk with my friends while playing a game. Just because a game is simple and u don't need voice chat doesn't mean it shouldn't be included.

For example I love Mario kart 8 and play with my friend online all the time. We don't need to communicate for the purpose if the game. But being able to just chat with them while playing would make it more fun for me.

Online play makes it so it's like my friend in another city is in my living room playing with me. But nintendos version of online play makes it so my friend from another city is in my living room playing with me too, but gagged.

Dunban671122d ago

Nintendo is a top down company- It was def Nintendo- the dev s work for Nintendo too so it is not really possible to seperate the two

Ck1x1122d ago

This kind of repeated poison is what fuels wrong thoughts about a company. Mario Kart and Splatoon probably are going after a similar age demographic. So why does Mario Kart feature some form of chat lobby but not Splatoon? I do believe it was the developers choice, if he stated it was.

Yes Nintendo is still a very Japanese company, but they do allow some colouring outside of the lines every now and then. Does the company need a lot of work, yes! But I don't think they are as ancient as they use to be when Yamouchi was running the company. The last few years Nintendo has started listening to what their fans want and are implementing stuff as we speak. So if it takes Nintendo failing to meet expectations with WiiU to give us a much better company that listens to it fans, then I'm ok with the WiiU falling short.

eldingo1122d ago

i belive they need to listen more and stop the whole isolationist bs they are pulling especially with their youtube partnership program that is a conflict of interest right there if ever i saw one.

Dunban671122d ago

Developers employed by Nintendo are Nintendo- It is ultimatley the companies decision weather they let the dev decide or not- Either way the reasoon given for not having it is pretty flimsy and not the real reason anyway-

Big_Game_Hunters1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

We just need to make a big deal out of it, Nintendo clearly understands people are upset about no voice chat. Now we just need to make them do something about it. Maybe boycotting the game would really be best, Id rather not play this game than have to deal with Nintendo's ancient online policies for another console gen. Also no, Nintendo won't think we don't like new IPs if the reason for boyboycott is made clear.

wonderfulmonkeyman1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Like I've pointed out before; making this game sell worse has a big chance of making Nintendo less open to doing more new IP's like this.
Nintendo's already proven they're on the defensive and safe route side of things before this.
there's no reason to think that discouraging them through sales would make them want to continue making more games LIKE it, when the first one wasn't popular enough to justify further attempts.

We NEED to support the game, while protesting against its flaws long and hard.
Making it sell bad through boycotts only hurts everyone involved, Nintendo and gamers alike, by limiting Nintendo's desire to support more games like this.

N4g_null1121d ago

Protesting in game and on the miiverse is the best course. It reminds me of pc gaming. We would always buy the game then give devs hell then. It shows the team that you want the game and here is what's wrong fix it. Every one did this with all of the broken ps4 and Xbox one games. Yet it just make more since to boycott this game right? Well if this is something you want then be sure to let nintendo know you need voice chat on miiverse.

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WizzroSupreme1122d ago

Splatoon is gonna be the biggest game of May next to the Witcher 3. I am ready for this hype to happen.

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