Screenshots released for Slice Zombies For Kinect for Xbox One

Neil writes "Exclusive to Xbox One, Slice Zombies for Kinect will bring zombie slicing and dicing your way... Fruit Ninja with Zombies then? The screenshots certainly point to that!"

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eldingo1036d ago

why are people still making games for kinect its dead let it die in peace already dammit.

Dlacy13g1036d ago

Just relax... so its not a game for you. kids will love it... Kinect is a thing still but certainly not the main focus for the console now which is a good thing mind you. I picked up Fruit Ninja because I wanted something fun, easy and getting me up off my ass once in a while. Is it game of the year? Hell no. But I like the option of having it when I want to play something like that.

eldingo1036d ago

i never said my opinion was a fact just my opinion you seem to be aware of this so why make that reply in the first place its a waste of time.

Dlacy13g1036d ago

@eldingo, fair enough its your opinion but your comment was a broad stroke blanket statement. my response was merely saying its not dead for many. I get its not a platform or game for you but why do we need to kill of a device or stop making certain types of games just because you don't like them when others do? That was my point.

iNFAMOUZ11036d ago

us first day adopters got a kinect included with the xbox one

neil3631036d ago

I couldn't do without Kinect. Admittedly, that is more down to the voice control than the actual games but Fantasia and Fitness are superb.

Didn't like Fruit Ninja 2 but I'm prepared to give this one a go.

mannyn1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

Thanks! I need to read more stuff like that, it makes me feel good :)

I really hope you'll like the game!

EDIT: awww, damn. I have used all my comments for this post so I cannot reply to more of you guys. But I do wanted to address one thing. And that was "why are people still making games for kinect its dead let it die in peace already dammit"
We're just two developers at MADE and we started working on Slice Zombies long before we even had a devkit. We would have never dared to consider that Microsoft would unbundle the Kinect, if we would have known that back then we probably wouldn't have commited on the project. Would I commit to a Kinect again, today? No. For us indies, it's "make it or break it" with every single project. If we fail to make enough money we're doomed, especially on such a huge project.

ShowanW1036d ago

-I paid $500 for a Day-1 kit that includes Kinect (in which I wanted)

They better support the device with games and features...

bananaboats1036d ago

why does it bother you. The kinect games are great for families. My daughter loves kinect games so take a breath and let it be.

mannyn1036d ago

I totally agree. Kinect is an excellent thing for casual settings and partys (with or without alcohol)

XanderZane1036d ago

Hologen + Kinect = not dead. Both Minecraft and Forza 6 are rumored to fully support Hololens with Kinect. This game is obviously aimed at the kiddies to enjoy. There are more Kinect games coming. M$ already said there were more Kinect games being made, but not by RARE.

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DLConspiracy1036d ago

Does it seem like the zombies resemble the zombies in the game. Plants vs Zombies garden warfare? There's a scientist and a football player. Seems too close. Even a Mario zombie.

ScorpiusX1036d ago

Fun for me and niece, nephews .

mannyn1036d ago

I hope your family will have some fun hours together with it.

eldingo1036d ago (Edited 1036d ago )

@mannyn im not trying to insult you or your game to be clear just the kinect and the fact that it is a dying peripheral add on to the xbox one and even microsoft knows this hence why they unbundled the damn thing whether people like it or not the kinect is in decline in both use and popularity and my first comment reflects the sentiment i have on that fact.

gangsta_red1035d ago

So it shouldn't be supported by anyone? It's obvious that there are people who own and use the Kinect and it's there for developers to use or not, so why not utilize it?

snaggdadon1035d ago

my kinect is useless as far as the shovelware and make fun games! this just isnt for me...

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