Get ready for the most Brutal Rocksmith DLC week of all time

Elliott writes:

Hello Rocksmith fans, are you ready for the most brutal DLC of all time?

“A wonderful catastrophe”

It all makes sense now, because if you’ve watched Metalocalypse you know what happens every single time a Dethklok concert occurs… Thankfully both times when I saw them I left with all my limbs intact.

For the first time ever it was Brendon Small himself that revealed next week’s DLC via the @JonahRaydio Podcast live from @GrillEmAll!

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EazyC1158d ago

Eh...Give us some Necrophagist or some tracks from the last 3 Death albums.

WizzroSupreme1158d ago

My body is ready. My mind is not. I shall see which agrees with one another.

TeamLeaptrade1158d ago

I've never played Rocksmith, but now I really want to. I imagine it'll be quite fun to learn to play a Dethklok song.

Skate-AK1157d ago

If you are new to guitar it could take a while to learn to play their songs. Some have sweeping arpeggios that can take a long time to perfect the technique. If you are already pretty good at guitar, I am not sure you would need rocksmith since you would likely be able to read tabs and lean the songs like that.