First Hour: Conker's Big Reunion (Xbox One)

A Shameful Mess. Colin Checks Out The First Hour Of Conker's Big Reunion On The Xbox One!

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Crazay907d ago


This is a thing?

hello12907d ago

Yes Project Spark my daughter plays she loves it. Its graphically superior to Minecraft you build your own games and stuff. Microsoft should be promoting this more but they are crappy at PR as we have found out.

Crazay907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

Y I have Spark but wasn't aware that they did Conker for it. Huzawww. Gonna have to check this out tonight... after the hockey game that is

mikeslemonade907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

Hockey is lame. NBA is superior. Go Cavs.

And wow I'm impressed by this pseudo remake.

XanderZane907d ago

They really need to have RARE make the real Conker game. This game doesn't look as good as the N64 version. For $5 what do you expect I guess. If you're going to make a Conker sequel, at least do it right. Using the Project Spark engine for this was probably a bad idea.

UKmilitia907d ago

loved the war lvl in conker.
its a series that should really come back.

i would buy an xb1 just for it.

Dannyh906d ago

I enjoyed it. well worth the 9.99 for the whole package

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Dewitt907d ago (Edited 907d ago )

I love how this guy does nothing but cry, when this was all done within the engine. It looks really good for all being done with limited assets. I'll be picking it up tonight. Also, I am guessing he never played the N64 version because they gave you ZERO direction in that game.

DrKarateChop907d ago

Of course I've played old platformers. The original Conker was state of the art in 2001 with a gigantic world and a huge amount a voice acting for a N64. This game has horrible framerates, generic stage design, game breaking glitches, bad controls, and lazy boss battles. By all means, check it out if you're curious, it's only 5 bucks. But in my opinion this is a shameful cheap cash in on the goodwill and nostalgia of the series past. I usually find the good in the games I dislike but I truly hated this game.

FriedGoat907d ago

Right off the bat you were whining. I mean I don't even own an xbox one but I could tell you'd made up your mind before you even played it.

jrshankill906d ago

Dude, you need to remember this is basically a build within Project Spark. It's experimentation. You have recorded this video with the most ridiculous expectations. FriedGoat here is right, your mind was made up before you played it.

NecotheSergal907d ago

So he's not allowed to have expectations of his own for the game? Apparently...

So when the game feels bad and not appropriate as a comeback, he gets criticized and you criticize someone with the most cliched of responses of elitism where you presume he must not have ever played the original game?

Really childish. Any person with a rational mind can tell the level design looks like garbage. Project Spark or not, Conker is thrown in there for sales because of using his image for nostalgia.

907d ago
MilkMan907d ago

If its free then cool, if I gotta pay. Sorry Conker but M$ took a dump on you.

gamer1138907d ago

With my nostalgia glasses on this was great fun when I played it earlier. Being built from the ground up on project spark is quite impressive. I can almost forgive the bugs. It's basically a conker mod though.

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