Why We're Worried About Star Wars Battlefront

Fierce debate grips the Unlocked crew this week, as we discuss whether Star Wars Battlefront is offering enough content out of the box to justify its $60 price. Is this the new normal?

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MrDead1180d ago

I'm looking forward to this game I just hope EA don't do their normal chop up content routine.
I wish DICE, Bioware and everyone else could just get the hell out of there and not end up like Maxis and all the other devs that EA have destroyed by making them chop up content for pre-orders, DLC, micro transactions etc…. and we all know that it won’t be long before they start locking content behind EA Access.

Bansai1179d ago

- no campaign
- no galactic conquest
-no space battles (the name is Star Wars...)
- no more than 40 players
- no Clone Wars
- Only four planets
- no split screen for pc
- AT-ATs are uncontrollable


gantarat1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

and no story campaign.
but tie in novel Release in November (wtf ?).

venom061179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

- most don't even play MP for campaign, it has mission/CO-OP (it could actually be fun)
-Galactic Conquest wasn't in the first one
- so space battles are needed to be Star Wars game (oh thats right, Rogue Squadron + MANY others Star Wars game have no space battles)
- how do you know 40 players is a bad thing. Haven't seen any gameplay or any of the maps.
- it four planets with MULTIPLE maps (plus this is just one release. More planets can be added later)
- who cares about split screen for PC?? Does CoD have split screen for PC? If not, why are folks whining about that.
- yeah, controlling whether or not a big a$# 3MPH iceberg goes forward or not is a dealbreaker. It CANT turn, it CAN'T manuver. All it does is go straight. And we don't want trolls screwing up the gameplay by not moving at all.

pompombrum1179d ago

To be fair, DICE only released Battlefield 4 like 18 months ago. They was always going to have to make sacrifices in order to get the game out before the new movie. I imagine both DICE and EA wanted to ensure they didn't over-extend themselves and have another BF4 release on their hands. Kind of sucks but DICE have so much talent, even if it's a condensed version of what we were hoping for, they'll deliver a good Star Wars experience.

SuicidalTendencies1179d ago


Galactic Conquest was in the first game and you could control the AT-AT just fine. Please remove your lips from EA & Dice's ass.

Jdoki1179d ago


All the things you list are bandwagon BS.

SilentOption1179d ago

How the hell would you have split screen for PC in the first place other than by using two monitors? At that point it is just two player coop. Lol that was not a well thought out fact.

Larry L1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

People today just love being overly critical of anything "BIG", and just root for what tends to be considered the "underdog". I don't know what it's called, but as a wrestling fan I call it Daniel Bryan Disease. Me, I'm neutral. I like what I like. Some underdogs, some big names, and I'm proud to be a "fanboy" of things I really like or respect.

This is a case in which I'm respecting the Big Name. I think the franchise is in good hands. Yes, we are taking steps back somewhat in terms of content.......but ALL games have. Mortal Kombats and other fighters used to have 50-60+ playable characters, you don't see that any more. Same with shooters. Games on the regular had 30+ maps. Too many man-hours are needed to makes the super-high quality content we get these days. To take it back to fighters, it took Street Fighter 4 basically an entire console generation to build a roster of like 50 characters. And only a year into the following generation is a 100% complete compilation of that game finally being released.

I'm respecting DICE for coming right out after the reveal and getting my personal major disappointments out of the way. They came straight out and said only 1 Era at launch (and I'm expecting Ep. 7 DLC later on). I wanted more Eras too, but only Clone Wars is cannon now anyway, so I'm not gonna get the Old Republic or Legacy Eras I'd want.....Clone Wars will be in the next game.

And the other big disappointment for me is the lack of planetary locations. I understand it being trimmed down compared to BF2, but even just sticking with the Original Trilogy, there a couple MAJOR locations missing like Yavin 4 and the Death Star in particular. Fingers crossed for some obvious additions like those.

And to anyone who uses "No Story or No Campaign" as a rallying cry against this game......PUH-LEEZ!!.....OMG!! , what did BF 1 or 2 have for a campaign? It was like Unreal Tournament 3's campaign with even LESS story. It was just practice for the online against bots, with a "story" loosely tied to the story of the movies tacked on to try to have some reason for why these squads are fighting at whatever location. That's HARDLY what a Star Wars fan should call a "campaign".....and Galactic Conquest was the same exact thing......practice for online against bots....this time just without the tacked on story.....just a map you're changing from Red to Blue.

IMO as a fan of good, A-Typical FPS's with devs who actually put real effort into their products instead of just looking for a money printer (not to say they don't like money, the EFFORT is the key factor I'm talking about), and as a Star Wars fanboy as well........I must say that what Dice is describing with the "Story-Mission-Quest-Deal ies", the scripted events that you can play Solo or co-op, that actually recreate and let you experience movie-like events sound FAR more like a "story or campaign" that's actually related to Star Wars than anything Pandemic's BattleFront's 1 or 2 had.

I would say that's my 2 cents, but a rant like that is more like $1.37.

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3-4-51179d ago

* It's Star Wars.

How many other Star Wars games are you going to be playing in 2015 ? That are brand new ?

* How many other multiplayer Star Wars games are out there for you to play right now.

* Go ahead.....BE THAT PERSON that plays BF2 via STEAM while the rest of us are playing Battlefront the new version.

Whole gaming communities work up theories in their mind and then act upon them as if it's happening in real life already.

* None of us have played the game.

* What if there are 10+ other things you don't yet know about that make you really excited for the game.

So excited that the stuff your complaining about now, won't even be a "thing" once you hear of the new stuff.

* Why do people like jumping to conclusions before the final product is revealed.

* If you "guess" what it is your somehow better than others or "cooler" or something.

* You don't know...I don't know....we collectively....Don't KNOW!

Lets just sit back, and see what else they reveal.

Stop letting the media ruin the fun that Star Wars is.

OB1Biker1179d ago

Yea we havent seen any gameplay yet.
And of course the media smell blood and stir the s* as usual for those clicks.

medman1179d ago

We worry because EA = Extraordinary A$$holes.

N4g_null1178d ago

This is simple... are you a star wars fan.... get it. If you only like the big movies and need a cod experience buy bop3. Want a story? Then wait on the movie in dec.

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venom061179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

the guy on this video THAT ACTUALLY SAW REAL GAME is the only one really speaking logically and not speaking from speculation and said IT LOOKS GREAT. All the others, that didn't see anything, are speaking from pure guessing. Cant wait for this game. Plus its hip and cool to hate anything EA. People haven't even seen actual gameplay. Most gamers dont play these games SP anyway. The vast majority of folks play MP games for the Multiplayer..

The same level of kneejerk overreaction happened when BF3 was announced. The so-called "vets" were butthurt because BF3 wasn't going to have commander, no squad leaders, no modding, no less classes, plus a few other thhings. Yet, BF3 went on to sell MILLIONS and is considered one of the best in the franchise. Moral of the story: Just because something changed from a 10yr game, doesn't mean the next one will be horrible. Look at Battlefield 3 compared to Battlefield 2.

MrDead1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

It's not hip and cool to hate EA but it's wise to be very cautious, they have a track record of taking franchises and stripping them down and selling them in bits.
When a sequel to a game is released you expect it to have the same content but more refined and perfected with new elements added, what has happened when EA gets their hands on a franchise you see content being removed and added later as DLC or a micro transaction.

I will be ecstatic to be proven wrong about my scepticism, but you can't blame us for worrying

SuicidalTendencies1179d ago

Battlefield 2 is far better than Battlefield 3. It isn't even a debate.

Paytaa1179d ago

Saying BF3 is any where close to the league of BF2 is blasphemy.

Hoffmann1179d ago

Why We're Worried About Star Wars Battlefront

- Its done by the Electronic Arts of 2015.

Who does really believe that it can be as great as Battlefronts 1 and 2 by Pandemic Studios and gets released without a ton of bugs and a lot of dlc and microtransactions?

Jayszen1179d ago

Agreed and this is why we need to lower expectations and wait for the results. I expect to be disappointed as EA in my opinion is more interested in extracting the most out of the least. It is not a question of hating a big corporation but more about the way recent games have been treated by EA that makes gamers wary.

Xof1179d ago

I'm not worried about it because I have zero interest in it. The lack of any single-player content is pretty damning IMHO.

OrangePowerz1179d ago

Where do people get the idea of lack of any singleplayer content? That's just something the media and people online spread around.

They said there will be missions that can be played alone. The previous Battlefront games didn't have a real campaign either.

bananaboats1179d ago

people are sheep, so a few articles release talking negative things about the game and now everyone wants to continue bashing the game which we have yet to see any gameplay.

I'm extremely excited for this game. It has been too long since a Star Wars game has released

OB1Biker1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

lol yea the worse is a lot of people genuinely think theres no single player mode at all while its been on the official site since the reveal.

Everyone can be influenced by negativity in the media and its human. But people need to stop believing whatever they read without questioning

MysticStrummer1179d ago

What are the odds that, even though you just corrected his misconception, he'll eventually repeat that the game has no single player content?

I see that relentless spread of misinformation on this site all the time.

I know I'll be playing this game, barring some other majorly negative revelation that turns out to be true. I don't remember the older Battlefronts having space battles or a story of any kind, but the lack of those two things seem to be causing much misery with this new game. I do remember Galactic Conquest, but I also remember thinking there wasn't much point to it. I mostly just loaded up my favorite levels and played them over and over.

OrangePowerz1179d ago

Content is the least thing I would be worried. The amount of MP content sounds fine to me and fpr offline they have missions (the previous games didn't have a real campaign either an missions). The only thing that I would want is the space fighting.

Sure they will have DLC, but if there wouldn't be and it's a good game that works I would probably stop playing after a few months. So if I like the game the DLC should keep things fresh and I will play the game over a longer time period.

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