Battlefront Reboot Cuts Out Classic Features

Merely days after a completely hype-worthy trailer, rumors spill out saying that a good chunk of Battlefronts beloved play modes will be cut from release. Alex gives some perspective on this debacle.

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shocked6861091d ago

Is it so much to ask for space battles in a Star Wars game?

MrSwankSinatra1091d ago

What's even more funny is the last battlefront had 18 planets while this new one only has four. The funny thing is that they're trying to pass it off as a full battlefront experience by cutting up the planets into four. This battlefront is going to be a joke, anybody who supports this game is part of the problem.

Koopdogg1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

I thought it was very clever and cunning(a sprinkle of sarcasm)to release so few planets but open up OTHER parts of these same planets (which we've never seen b4) to bolster the map roster !!!!!

Twinblade1091d ago

More planets will be added, of course by DLC. EA's way.

s45gr321091d ago

While I agree, I see 1 million or more people.buying it

gbonez1091d ago

the lack of planets doesnt bother me, especially with the level of detail they are putting into the environments, what does bother me is the lack of content on said planets.

i understand not everything is reveled yet, but we know more about what isnt in the game rather than what is

carlingtat1091d ago

Only 4 planets ANNOUNCED! meaning theres more planets and maps to be revealed and thats not including DLC.

MrSwankSinatra1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

@carlingtat Whatever makes you sleep at night, I know EA and how they operate. For a game that's going to come out this year and they only announced 4 planets? sorry, but there is no way in hell they'll pass BF2. DLC????? lolololol Yeah you can't wait for EA to nickle and dime you.

campaign - nope
galactic conquest - nope
space battles - nope
instant action - nope
BF2 had 32v32, this new one only has 20v20
18 planets to 4 planets.

BF2 only had 1 DLC pack, this new one has 5 planned DLC packs.

Yeah continue deluding yourself to the inferiority of this new battlefront. I won't because I'm not buying it.

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spicelicka1091d ago

I'm sure it's too late now, the game it probably finalizing by now. Will have to wait for the sequel i guess.

Koopdogg1091d ago

Maybe they should rename the game ,Planet Wars:Battlefront

MysticStrummer1091d ago

I played and enjoyed Battlefront 1&2 yet have no memory at all of space battles, so it puzzles me to see people upset about their absence.

BiggerBoss1091d ago

I cant remember if they were in Battlefront 1, but Space battles were very fun in Battlefront 2. Especially while playing Galactic Conquest

gbonez1091d ago

my biggest let down with the absence of space battles is not being involved with the death star battle over endor. that would have been epic

gbonez1091d ago

even if they didnt add in ground to space seamlessly at least have the chance to blow up the death star (or save it)

3-4-51091d ago

* OBVIOUSLY Space battles will be in Rogue One.

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RJ920091091d ago

Back in the day most star wars games were flying I'm cool with it tho to me battlefront was always about playing the big star wars battles on foot as the lil guy not some hero like Skywalker. I'm all for it as long as I can drive at at then bring the game on!! If not then I'm sad.

RadioActiveTwinky1091d ago

At-At's are on rails. You can only shoot out of them.

s45gr321091d ago

That would suck ass especially battlefront 2 had walkable AT At

RadioActiveTwinky1091d ago

Here's one of the many links that shows they have confirmed the AT-At's are on rails. It's coming directly from a dev Working on the game currently.

LiamCell1091d ago

I wanna remind folks that this game is still a reboot, and there's obviously going to be content that wasn't in the originals. For example, did the Tomb Raider reboot have a creepy butler following you around? No? Well it was still wonderful (even without the badass butler and other content). The game is bound to have new content the first two BF games didn't have to justify the lack of other key features the old ones had (besides just GRAPHICSSS),hopefully...

Stay skeptical regardless.
And I loveeee on-rails AT-ATs ;)

shocked6861091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

True, I'm just not sure what a game developer would expect when they decided to reboot a cult classic game. Taking out a butler is one thing, but entire features that were key to the game? They yanked its heart out Temple of Doom style.

It's still early on, but man, so disheartened already.

The_Sage1091d ago

What features were in the first Battlefront game that are going to be missing. The first Battlefront (that is what the reboot is based on), not the second.

LiamCell1088d ago

You're completely right, and we're just going to have to wait-and-see.

Sir_Simba1091d ago

We barely know anything about the game, please have patience, I understand its EA but we still know very little. E.g. each planet could have more maps than expected, we barely know about other features, i'm only dosappointed theres no campaign Bcuz the star wars universe is so biiig.we still have a few months. Right now i just want the GOD DAMN WITCHER

gbonez1091d ago

thats the problem man, we know more about what is not in the game than what is.

i understand a single game cant have everything in it, but with the power of next gen hardware and software surely something a little more spectacular could be made from this? i mean did they put all their time and energy into the graphics and sacrificed the content?

The_Sage1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Battlefront reboot cuts no features. It's a reboot of the first game, not the second... And it's not a sequel either. I guess I just must be far more intelligent than many people, as I don't find this a hard concept to grasp, at all. People being upset because something is not in line with overblown expectations that were based on things that existed nowhere except for in there heads is astounding to me. How do these people function in the real world?

MysticStrummer1091d ago

You're right, but the whiners are a big majority these days.

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