5 Video Games That Need A Comic Book Series

Jane looks at some classic game worlds that would make great comic books.

"There are many comic books that become movies and video games but there are not many video games that became comic books which is a huge waste of untapped imagination that could make for some truly interesting comics."

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KryptoniteTail842d ago

Chrono Trigger technically did IIRC, one based on the spin-off OVA "Dimensional Adventure."

Of course, it certainly deserves a full-on manga adaptation, or better yet, if Square truly won't make a game sequel, have Akira Toriyama do a manga sequel. Maybe that and/or get Bird Studios to produce a faithful movie (or series).

You'd think we would get something by now, a novel, audio drama, or hell, even just a simple merchandising campaign so we can enjoy Chrono somehow. Who wouldn't be into a Trading Card Game, for example?

I will never understand Square. It isn't like there's no profit to be made. At least, absolute worst case scenario, they break even on something and give fans some lovve instead of being cold hearted cash bots. As a company their goal is profit but companies are people too, they should not be like this to fans.

&b4 they don't owe us anything; they don't but they won't even allow us fans to make non-profit fan games for the community. They're unreasonable and even iif they're technically in a legal safety zone it is f***** up.