Best Buy 4 Day Sale: Video Game Deal Highlights


"Best Buy has kicked off their 4 Day sale with the following video game deal highlights."

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Takwin1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

If you are a gamer and do not have the Gamer's Club 2-year membership, you are doing it wrong.

$30 for 2 years. 20% off ALL new games (including amiibo). 10% off all used games. Double points for their reward certificates.


Best deal in gaming. Also, the Best Buy stores and staff and clueless, so just order online. $35 and up gets free shipping!

hangdang1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

If you never buy new games it doesn't really matter. Gamestop's free pro membership also gives you a discount on used games. The best thing about it is the double points, but in my experience, best buy has a pretty awful used game selection, so there's not much of a point in some people getting it

Edit, err maybe the game stop thing is 15 bucks now, but a huge used game selection makes up for it

spunkee3111127d ago

Why would you buy used games to begin with? Aside from supporting a business practice that hurts developers/publishers. @Takwin just stated a killer program where you can buy NEW games that will be cheaper than the price of GameStop's used games.

I might be biased though. I worked at GameStop when I was in College and just hated it. I haven't bought a used game since. Best Buy has stepped up their game and the Gamers Club program is the best thing to happen to gamers in a long long time. I've saved my friends and myself well over $400. Highly recommended.

hangdang1126d ago

@spunkee. Pretty simple. Because I generally don't feel that I get a good value when I spend $60 on a game. And I'm operating on a budget, so I prefer to save money by buying used. I support plenty of develors buying my PC games.

jholden32491127d ago


I have a Wii U, PS4, X1, New 3DS and Vita. I spent $3700 at Best Buy last year, most of which was games. I've probably saved at least $600 per year with the GCU program.

NOT TO MENTION the additional $5 back per 250 points (which are doubled with GCU, and ANOTHER 5% back if using the Best Buy Credit Card- on average I get back about $5 for every $75 spent!)

AND NOT TO MENTION the $10 rewards for pre ordering many high profile multiplats. I'm making out like a bandit here- seriously, it almost feels illegal lol...

Takwin1127d ago

My family of three spent a LOT on games as well at Best Buy. Plus, we bought our fridge there on a mega sale, and are going to get our next stove there, as they are cheaper than anywhere we've found.

I love getting a few free games for buying an appliance we needed anyway at the cheapest price around. It does feel a bit unfair.

Jag-T10001127d ago

I don't buy games on release day anymore. I wait a month or two and they're on sale for $40 or lower. If you have to buy the game on release day, then go ahead and pay $60. I'll just wait. My game backlog is huge already.

Scatpants1127d ago

If you get the gamer club membership new games are $48 on launch day.

Takwin1127d ago

Still make sure to get the Gamer's Club membership. It's 20% off whatever the price is. Even if you routinely wait till games are $30, you would then get $6 to make them $24. If you wait until they are $40, you save $8 and get them for $32.