Modder Responds To Valve's Mod Policy Changes, First For-Profit Skyrim Mod Gets Removed

DSOGaming writes: "FilthyCasual, another modder who has worked on mods for Mass Effect (such as MEHEM, CEM, and Harby Module) has shared his opinion about this whole thing. FilthyCasual believes that this ‘paywall’ is a bad idea and explained his concerns about Valve doing such a thing."

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Vegamyster1151d ago

I don't like the idea of paid mods (Donations would be fine) and i don't understand why Valve wants 75% of the money made when all they're doing is hosting it, its just a cheap cash grab and i hope they remove this.

iTzFumbbles1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

u are 100% spot on donations yes pay wall for mods no

rdgneoz31151d ago

Yep. Donations would be welcomed by many. At least you know the money is going to the person that made it.

In this case, valve is taking a 75% cut just for hosting it. Then you the last 25% is split between the modder and developer (which the game developer ca change the split whenever they like). Which means the modder could could get the full 25% (if the game dev is nice) or get screwed over and get 1%. For a $5 mod, they'd get between $1.25 and $0.05

Rachel_Alucard1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

The worst part that most are unaware of is the modder doesn't even see a dime of that money until they've sold in at least 400$ worth of downloads. This leads to many charging more than what is deemed as value and it literally turns them into money generators for valve and bethesda.

Worse yet is Valve actively removing any donation links the creator posts, and they have literally encouraged the theft and stealing of other people's work in the paid mods.

Captain_TomAN941151d ago

A lot of that 75% is going to the publishers of the actual game I am sure. Without the actual base game, none of these mods would exist lol

rdgneoz31151d ago

No, 75% goes to valve. The other 25% is split between the modder and game developer, which the game developer can adjust to whatever they like (either nice and give the modder 25% or screw them over and give them 1%).

LonDonE1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Agreed i think its outrageous that valve feel they can get away with this, its basically A MONOPOLY and valve has the pc gaming scene in a choke hold!

What makes me laugh is that pc fan boys always bang on about how bad ms and Sony are meanwhile valve pull a stunt like this.
The free mods are a big part of pc gaming, taking that benefit away is greedy on valves part.
For instance the only reason why i feel charging for online play isn't a thing on pc is because companies like valve and ms know people wouldn't accept it and pc being a open platform people will just find free alternatives.
Consoles being closed platforms means its hard luck!
You can bet your ass valve would do it if they could.

All things said, both consoles and pc have pros and cons.
If the money from the mods went solely to the creators fair enough but valve is taking a big piece of the pie.

I hope more pc gamers speak up and dont accept this.

_-EDMIX-_1151d ago

I have no issues with paid mods. Someone worked hard to create it, its the creators choice about what happens to their mods. If they don't want Valve cutting in, then they don't need to charge for it lol.

I mean at the end of the day, its Valve's servers and the modders don't need to charge, they don't even need to charge on VALVE'S STEAM! They very much can open up their owns sites and sell mods.

I'm very much ok with this, nothing is being forced and its up to gamers to support it or not and up to moddders to support it or not.

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1nsomniac1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

In my 30 years of gaming & modding I've never met anyone who created a mod expecting money in return.

It's funny how an ex EA/Sim City employee quits then starts creating content for Cities: Skylines through Steam Workshop. Now Steam Workshop has decided it's going to charge for mods. So this is basically going to end up becoming a sideline business for developers to sell additional assets that they cut from their games to sell at additional cost.

If developers are going to waiver legal battles to allow modding then great. Allow a pay-what-you-like (donation-like) system & Valve can take 20% cut max. Anything more than that is disgusting from Valve side or from a modders side.

Captain_TomAN941151d ago

A dedicated donation button would be totally fine. Hell I wouldn't even care if they allowed donations to be mandatory as long as it was "Pay what you want" like the humble bundle.

SteamPowered1151d ago

FilthyCasual nailed it on all points. 'Modder is now a dirty word almost overnight' So, so true. Modders used to be our heros, our people that had the fortitude to stand up to DLC practices and make something from gamers, for gamers.

Great article that brings up some great points.

Viryu1151d ago

I'm more shocked than Valve is trying to take 75% of the price. Seriously Valve, I never took you for greedy, but that? Ehh, as long as people still post mods on Nexus I don't mind that much I guess.

GameSpawn1151d ago

It's Apple+EA.

Apple - Take $0.30 of every $1.00 for app sales/ad revenue on free iAD apps (negotiable for different app developers - this is the base line)
EA - Charge for ANYTHING that should/can be free

Add both those together and you get this fiasco.

Revolver_X_1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Exactly. Mods are handled a lot better on Nexus anyways. Modders should just be outraged over a measly 25% and stick with Nexus.

MXR puts me onto a lot of mods. I agree completely with his opinions of steam workshop.

SilentNegotiator1151d ago

"Seriously Valve, I never took you for greedy"

You must not have been paying as close of attention to Valve over the last 2-3 years, then. They've been getting exponentially more greedy.

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