What If Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Was Recreated in the Doom Engine

YouTube’s ‘Blorc’ has been working on porting Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 into the Doom Engine, and has recently released a video showing an early version of it.

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HaveSumNuts850d ago

What if a turd was recreated in the Doom Engine.

UKmilitia850d ago

hate this game,my kid is always on it because of the dickheads he watches on youtube.

Felinox850d ago

Exactly. Lame game with way too much of a following on you tube. My daughter is in the boat.

Toiletsteak850d ago

Then it would be a crap game running on the doom engine.

TheROsingleB850d ago

I don't get why this even needs to be a thing. Just to prove it can be done? I dunno. Don't see the big deal here.

TheROsingleB850d ago

Disagrees with no counter-points. Oh, n4g, you so crazy!

WizzroSupreme850d ago

If Doom 4 could just happen on the Doom Engine and be awesome, I'd be happy.

Nwah850d ago

And it is! Haven't you heard?

TWB850d ago

Like... I get if you recreate a game on different engine because it would somehow look, feel or play differently but that video looks exactly the same as the original version.

Why this?