A Good Chunk Of The Witcher 3: Wild Map Shown In Video

Someone put together a video showing how big The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt map is by having Geralt (the main character) moving from one point to another, and representing his movement on world map, giving us a good idea of how huge the world is.

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ArchangelMike1182d ago

I think it's good that they haven't just come out and shown the full map. Leave a littel bit of mystery, leave space for player discovery. I still want to be surprised when I start up the game, and discover secretsnand hidden areas.

I know the hype train is in full swing, but there seems to be an inordinate amount of focus being given to the size of the map.: is it too big? will there be loading screens? is that dissapointing? Is it one open world? etc etc etc

Since when have we become so obsessed with the irrelevant minutia of a game, in light of the absolute brilliance of everything else on display?

The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

This is going to be a brilliant game - not because of the map size, but becasue of how dynamic it is in terms of monsters, villages, random encounters, day/night cycle, hidden quests, monster hunting etc etc etc.

It's not the size of the map that excites me, but all the gameplay that is contained in it.

FreakOrama1182d ago

Agree. It's just that "map size" is a hot word that get people's attention for this game, same thing with consoles and their "1080p 900p 720p" and / or "30 or 60 FPS"

Smart people won't look at the 'hot word' only and look at everything else, but it's a hot because of many desiring these info for basic knowledge.