Batman: Arkham Knight - New 4K Screenshot Revealed

Warner Bros and Rocksteady have released a new 4K screenshot for Batman: Arkham Knight.

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audiophile1011034d ago

Dat fireman in the background looking all tough haha

So pumped for this game

Crummybear1034d ago

That fireman is going down!

ShinMaster1033d ago

I think this is an upscale of an older screenshot.
It doesn't even look sharp.

ChrisW1034d ago

Nice and all... But 99.9% of don't have the money to SLI 3 Titan Xs for ultra-glory on a 4K monitor.

Oh well, I'm certain it will still look rather nice on what we already have.

FlyingFoxy1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

The problem is that with 4K average fps is 30-40 with a single high end card, if you look at any benchmarks of fairly recent games and the minimums are awful dipping lower than 20fps at worst. Frame rates will be jumping all over the place, and it's way too low.

Any gamer used to 60fps, or higher with a 120hz/144hz screen will be really disappointed of how bad 4K runs.

There's 2 issues with 4K right now. First is you need 2 good GPU's for good performance, and with that comes micro stuttering. Second issue is there are no single high end GPU's capable of giving what i consider good performance at that resolution.

I think the upcoming R9 390/390x and a 1440p Freesync screen will be perfect for performance, 4K seriously doesn't run good enough yet and i wouldn't wanna be stuck with stuttering of multi cards.

It's not that i can't afford it either, but every tech site that reviews multi GPU's always mention micro stuttering.. kinda wasteful to go 4K if you can't even get fully smooth performance with expensive GPU's.

ShinMaster1033d ago

F*** 4k!

It's all about 1440p Ultrawide screens, bruh.

Articuno761033d ago

TBH I think ATM 4K (based on my experience DSR'ing games down from it) is perfect for maxing out/60fps on 360/PS3 level games (assuming they aren't terrible ports). But for new-gen games 4K's time has yet to arrive IMO.

Hopefully videocard tech in the next two years sees significant improvements because we're getting 4k monitors at reasonable prices these days.

FlameBaitGod1033d ago

Plz don't comment again @ChrisW, you clearly don't know anything about hardware LOL

ChrisW1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

First off, piss off! Secondly, the GTX 980 is recommended for ultra settings, but it does not say for achieving 4K. To run 4K smoothly (above 60fps *consistently*) SLI will be necessary... Just like in GTAV. Now, assuming you do not have the memory retention of a goldfish, remember what I said when the benchmarks come out!!!

TripC501034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Moon not big enough. Preorder canceled.

Edit: that's no moon. BatmanXSTAR WARS crossover confirmed. Preorder confirmed.

Edvin19841034d ago

@ChrisW this won't take 3 Titans to run in 4k... one 980 will get you this game in 45-60fps in 4k at Ultra settings as long as you disable AA or MSAA since you won't really need it since you can't see it. My i7 4930k w/980 will run this game just fine at 4k on my LG 79ub9800 TV.

ChrisW1033d ago

Let me know how that works out for you.

BTW, GTAV dips below 20fps with an average of around 60fps with a GTX 980 on 4K. Sure 1 GTX 980 works, but SLI is necessary to ensure the low end fps don't dip so low. As to whether or not 3 GPUs (980s or Titan Xs) will be needed for Arkham Knight in ultra 4K is yet to be seen. Though, 2 might be sufficient.

FYI, my 99.9% might be off 1 or 2 percent... But it is not that absurd. You do understand that gamers with an awesome setup like yours are in a very small niche, right?

Edvin19841033d ago

@ChrisW I do understand that I am a very small niche group of end users, and I have a 3 way GTX 780ti set up with same 49030k cpu and a 980 single system and I do not get dips below 20fps... lowest I've seen GTA is 35fps on my rig and on 3 way we'll I have yet to see it below 60 fps there.

What I am saying is proper optimization, turn off AA no one needs that at 4k resolution and you'll get very playable high FPS.

Articuno761033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

There's no word on which resolution those ultra settings are for. But TBH I think it's safe to assume it was for 1080.

Now assuming that the game runs at 60fps at 1080/Ultra, is the frame hit from jumping up to 4k really only going to be 15fps? I have my doubts.

oIITSBIIo1034d ago

I don't think this is the native res, seems to be 1080p screenshot converted to 4k.

ElVeneno1034d ago

On PC, it's native to whatever resolution you set it at.

ShinMaster1033d ago

He's talking about the screenshot.

oIITSBIIo1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

I know, I,m a PC gamer.

This screenshot is not that sharp besides it's old, this is why I think it's 1080p converted to 4k by using a photo software.

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