Would you rather spend £299 on a solus PS4 or an Xbox One with Witcher III + Arkham Knight + Now TV?

Dealspwn: Sony are running a promo this weekend at select retailers for a solus PS4 for £299. We regularly post better deals in our console bundles section so we can't recommend that as a hot deal. However, one retailer seems to be loving team green this weekend with a stonking Xbox One console bundle for the same price - actually a few pence less at £299.84. Their bundle includes an Xbox One console + The Witcher III: Wild Hunt + Batman: Arkham Knight + 3 month subscription to Now TV. That's frankly ridiculously great value.

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Blues Cowboy999d ago

And we win! :D In fact, the only winners of price wars are us gamers, and that's how it should be.

Slightly OT but can't believe I paid £429 at launch. Still, had a lot of fun with it and you can't put a price on that.

bggriffiths999d ago

Yeah, we always get stung for adopting early. But at least we can take advantages for offers on the other consoles. I'm just hoping Nintendo get in on the price war shiz too. They should be after the money of gamer's looking to get a 'second' new console. There's more logic in picking up a Wii U to go with your PS4/XO today.

holysmokesbatman999d ago

Day 1 here too, don't regret it a single bit!

GMR_PR999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

If you are planning to getting both i would go with the XBO deal and then get PS4 down the line, IMO XBO has the better exclusives this year. Now if you are planning on getting just one console i would rather go with PS4 since in the long run will have more, better and more diverse exclusives.

Transistor999d ago

There is no price wars, the PS4 hasn't dropped price once.

Magicite999d ago

The best war of all!
Please keep up the fight and use high caliber discount canons.

Hellsvacancy999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

I'd rather just buy a PS4 with the Witcher 3 as I plan to

DarkOcelet999d ago

But no one can deny that the deal is amazing, if only such a deal is in my country, i would buy it in a heartbeat.

PraxxtorCruel999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Exactly, even fanboys (you'd hope) would be able to see how an XB1 with two upcoming great games is a good deal.

Xer0_SiN999d ago

i get what youre saying. i would snatch it up real quick cause that is a pretty good deal. then i would proceed to flip it on the local craiglist. profit.

Manic2014999d ago

That's a great Xbox One deal!

ScorpiusX999d ago

Xbox One plus both games .

hello12999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

UK guys are big into Halo 5 and Gears of War Microsoft will sell lot of x box ones after E3 i think.

Its be good time to pick up one now you get two games for free nothing with the PS4

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt + Batman: Arkham Knight good deal for the guys waiting on the games i mentioned.

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The story is too old to be commented.