European PSN Content: 17th July 2008

Nothing massive today, but Elefunk is up (£4.99) and the Naruto Ninja Storm demo, which is obviously free.

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paul_war3803d ago

Elefunk looks interesting - and the usual late demo.

Anyone know if Elefunk has trophies? I'm almost sure it doesn't, but you never know...

wolfehound223803d ago

Well I wouldn't call it a late demo since the only place you can get it is Qore. So your getting the same time if not earlier than the US.

vasilisk3803d ago

Has anyone tried elefunk, or is there some kind of review?

Fishy Fingers3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Elefunk? No sadly not. Released in Japan last week.

LOL at the disagree, that changes everything, suddenly trophies are supported. Well done our anonymous hero.

byeGollum3803d ago

nothing massive? What About Naruto? dont worry you wont understand since you probably aint a fan, just like i think American foorbal is stupid compared to the real football, the one you guyz call soccer

Baba19063803d ago

naruto is really fun =D. im going to get that. love t.

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The story is too old to be commented.