Brand new screenshots of The Crew Raid DLC

Neil writes "It's time to raid the roads of America as new cars, new missions and new tuning specs hits The Crew...and we've got all the new screenshots!"

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oKidUKo1150d ago

Can't get enough of McLaren F1's, I can't handle them to save my life but get one on a straight and wooooooooosh.

MilkMan1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

TO bad I erased this game from my PS4 a while ago, this was a failed experiment. I get better mileage and waay more fun from NFS The Run.

neil3631150d ago

Each to their own, but The Crew isn't all that bad whilst The Run was utter garbage.

MilkMan1150d ago

OK, if you say so. Here's the thing, I can at least control my car in The Run. What a novel idea in racing game. The Crew, Unity, AC Rogue, Watch Dogs. Ubi is batting 1000.
I could make a list from here to China of all the things wrong with The Crew, but Ill keep it at fun. There are blogs, articles, wikis, vids and so on with everyone trying to get their dumb cars to stay steady.
I know, there are gamers that defend whatever they buy, but I'm not one of them.
I bought it, I played it, and it was pretty horrible.
Its a good idea that needed at least another year cooking.
The Run, is a lot of fun (fully patched). Ill admit that 3 second count down veering off the road was atrocious, but that's gone for the most part. Now I can sit back and race and have a good time. Rivals and Most Wanted are Ok as well.

Filmgamesetc1150d ago

Lets hope the DLC impresses more than the main game itself