Opinion: "Bloodborne is making me better at other games"

Let me just preface this with a quick, but essential note. I'm actually rather good at video games. Ok, so I'm not cresting to the top of the Resogun leaders boards or lording it over anyone with less than a 10 rank in Hearthstone. But I can parry the smoke out of Gwyn Lord of Cinder and can carry a Guild Wars 2 dungeon run when the mood strikes.

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DEEBO1124d ago

Man i feel the same way this and mortal kombat.

I don't know i mean it's only 30fps but bloodborne monster's attacks very fast and mortal kombat is 60fps with timing being very important but this has transferred to other titles i play.

Combos come effortlessly now.

thekhurg1124d ago

After playing Bloodborne, the only thing the game did for me was make me better at pushing circle and R1.

Kingscorpion19811124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Are you trying to be funny? Pushing circle and R1 WTH. Sounds like your trolling to me.

thekhurg1124d ago

Yeah I'm trolling cause you don't push circle and R1 more than anything else in the game. After all, why dodge and do normal attacks at all right?

Nirvana315911124d ago

I feel the same way. After playing BB I seem to be breezing through other games

ravinash1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

It could be that your noticing how much easier other games are when compared with BB.

spicelicka1124d ago

Yes exactly thatt. I haven't play bloodborne yet but I've been playing Dark souls 2, and it's encouraging me to try higher difficulty modes in other games.

Spinal1124d ago

.... I'm sorry but you must have been bad at other games to begin with for this to make you better.

I come from a generation of games where you had limited lives an in some no continues to try an beat the game such as Altered Beast. These were some hard ass games!

Games today are all casual in comparison with checkpoints an unlimited lives.

In the end it's really about having fun an enjoying games so with that said I cannot wait for the Witcher 3 :)

Mr Lahey1124d ago

Agreed! Bloodborne is old school gaming, that's why i love the Souls series! Not saying the guy who wrote this is bad at other games though, not all of us are old school gamers. :)

Captain_TomAN941124d ago

I completely disagree. I went back and played some "old school" games that used to give me trouble when I was little, and man most of them are a breeze now.

There WERE some hard ones, but most just felt hard because we were inexperienced (Stupid?) kids.

Asuka1124d ago

this isn't anything new. if you spend all your time taking the easy way, or being hand-held you will actually decrease in performance. But you if you play at a higher standard and always try to things differently, then when you see your game improve.

I always did this back when i played COD. I would use only pistols (m9, usp45) to improve my draw and aim. Then when i switch back to something easier like an assault rifle i just wreck everything.

Paytaa1124d ago

Well I can say first-hand that Dark Souls 1 gave me the same feeling. After getting brutally stomped in DS1, other games seemed a lot easier in comparison.

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