In Black Ops 3 The Singularity Theory Is Reality

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Singularity Theory predicts that because of technological advancement in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics and nanotechnology, there will come a point where progress becomes so rapid it overtakes our ability to comprehend it.

That future is where Black Ops III takes us."

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Sillicur852d ago

Sounds a lot like Deus Ex to me oO

plut0nash852d ago

Except that you're a bro bent on shooting masses of soldiers in the face.

Bansai852d ago

sound EXACTLY like Deus Ex lol.

ironfist92852d ago

Because they ran out of ideas, and had to copy someone else to remain fresh.

HanCilliers852d ago

When they teased BLOPS3 the first time i thought here comes Deus Ex.

Unreal01852d ago

Or they just decided to do this themselves, and it just so happens that Deus Ex has done this too.

oasdada852d ago

I dont get what's wrong with present tech that they keep running to the future

DarkOcelet852d ago

This is literally Deus Ex of Duty . I am not saying Deus Ex started the augmentation bodies but the similarities is there.

They should have just made a damn World War 2 game.

Moldiver852d ago

I thought it was deus ex until the end when they mentioned BO3.

ironfist92852d ago

CoD is just trying to fit in with the cool kids.

Moldiver852d ago

Seems to have been the case for sometime now. I like the sci fi CODs in single player, but MP is still a quickscope haven full of tryhards. COD 4 is the best COD, there ever was and ever will be.

Stapleface852d ago

Both games are just ripping off the old Journeyman game on pc back in the day, so what. /s

Just a heads up the ides behind deus ex aren't original and can be found in other games and about a million Anime movies/series.

HanCilliers852d ago

Well said, I wonder if there are any "original thought" left.

andibandit852d ago

"The Singularity Theory predicts that.. some noob will spawn right behind you and kill you."

rinse and repeat.

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