EA Dice’s Next Game Features New Innovative Looks, Lighting & Moods; Pushing Visual Quality

Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield developer EA Dice has posted new jobs for their next game which will feature new and innovative looks, Lighting & Moods. The Studio wants to push visual quality.

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AudioEppa1125d ago

Good, goood..

Push it to the limit and beyond!

VER1ON1125d ago

Breaking the internet once more I guess...have to see it for myself first

elazz1125d ago

They already broke the internet once within Battlefield 4. Hopefully they won't again ;)


spicelicka1125d ago

Walk along the razor's edge
But don't look down just keep your head
And you'll be finiiiiished

MilkMan1125d ago


DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1125d ago

@MilkMan, I notice a theme of Sony fans ignoring how exciting next gen lighting\rendering actually is, such as described in this article as what DICE is focusing on for the future (smART MOVE)... what's "Zzz" in comparison is that gloomy overcast weather look of Uncharted 4 and other last-gen engine games.

pompombrum1125d ago

I really hope they plan on backing up all this talk soon with actual gameplay footage. I'm crossing my fingers for a May 4th treat.

fayz1125d ago

hopefully they make a new engine, frostbite is getting old.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

@fayz, Frostbite 3 came out with Battlefield 4 plus the engine has been updated for Battlefront (see the link from Nov 2014 explaining about moving Frostbite 3 to PBR). Here's more information,

DICE has always been on the top 3 devs in terms of graphics. Right next to Crytek...

Now, they've got to the point that they are the top 1 in terms of graphics. What's the big deal?

It looks that good because they've finally started using PBR
(Physically Based Rendering).

Explaining what PBR is:

It's a way to make everything look more photorealistic/natural-looking by changing how light bounces off everything. Since lighting controls how you see everything in the game (because you couldn't see in the pitch-black dark), it affects how every single part of the game looks.

Basically: instead of current lighting techniques like using multiple diffuse textures /specular maps for each part of every object in the game to represent different conditions, they can just create 1 texture for each part then artificially define properties like a refractive index to help parameterize a physics model that controls how light and shadow work when rendering frames of an in-game scene that contains that object.

In most implementations the physics model basically uses a predictive set of converging functions to determine how light from a specific source will reflect/refract off a given surface with different reflectivity and absorption/diffusion characteristics, which then refracts and reflects off other surfaces at a) different angles, with b) reduced intensity and c) a different wavelength, etc.

In productivity terms: people creating textures for in-game assets now have to spend less time creating multiple maps for each surface because they can just say "this panel is steel" or "this seat cushion is leather" with specific reflectivity/diffusion/texture /etc. rather than having to create multiple different copies of them that behave differently under different lighting conditions (such as in space, in atmosphere, indoors, etc.)

In visual terms: different types of surfaces (such as metal, leather, plastic, glass, etc.) should look more photorealistic and more "natural" because the way that light reflects off them and the way shadows are created will be more accurate.

Here's a link that also explains what PBR is:

And here a Slide show from DICE about Frostbite and PBR:


Definitely not a snore fest as far as rendering tech the way ALL upcoming Sony exclusives I've seen are. Here's another example of BRILLIANT lighting in Fable Legends (meadow scene),

Edit: @Disagrees, those that pretend bigger Ps are more important than these new lighting techniques are obviously in denial and hypocritical. What we do with our Ps is more important than that they're slightly bigger. It is BS that people think this tech is a snore fest rather than the snore fest was BSing about bigger Ps for causing "butthurt". It is FANtastic what DICE is focusing on.

leogets1125d ago

Nice lot of information mate.. dice always deliver astoundingly good visuals and aint afraid to keep getting better and delivering awesome mp games.. really stoked for looks amazing on ps4..

pompombrum1125d ago

The disagrees probably come from the fact that you come across as a crazed fanboy at best, shill/pr at worst. Quoting something claiming DICE to be the top 1 developer for graphics department when we haven't seen the ingame graphics is just silly.

Don't get me wrong, I've been following DICE since Battlefield 1942 and agree that they are certainly up there in the graphics department.. Battlefield 4 inspired me to build a new gaming rig and Battlefront will probably motivate me to buy a 4k monitor.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1125d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Until I stop seeing Sony fans essentially LIE that AA batteries are "stone age", Uncharted 4 or other dully lit games are the second comings of graphics, and BS that Sony has an agenda to be more "consistent" by delaying holiday games for early release the next year, I suppose I will just have to accept the "fanboy" accusations (see what I did there?) about how that I am a shill for pointing out "FACTS!". As if the way I write is something Microsoft would pay me for... GET REAL.

Edit: I love practicing with SHARP sWORDS for defending the virtues of "Ms", while trolls complain about my excellent sWORD PLAY and witches try casting "spells" of "ReVerse" that shroud me in the appearance of "fanboy" or "shill".

Also, just FYI, I expect the disagrees... I'm not wondering why, I NO why.

What's silly is the SPIN that I am silly for quoting someone else that PROvided useful information about DICE and game technology (that was referred to in the article as a focus of the positions they have open).